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SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals - Makes Waves in the Indian Wellness Industry

Prompted by the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Manisha came up with SeaSoul name and it played a huge part in empowering women in India through sustainable work.

Manisha Chopra is a Co-Founder-Director at SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, along with her husband Sankalp and is one of the sought-after make-up artists for fashion- models and celebrities in India.

She won the title, ‘Rising Star of the year 2015’ by Wellness and Indian Salon Congress and as she became a pioneer in high-definition make-up, learning the art from Australia for over a decade.

Her return to India and fashion models and traditional Indian brides alike. Inspired by the potential of her own country, however, she returned to India to make waves in the Indian wellness industry. Driven by her belief that India is an emerging beauty market, especially with the home-grown products and techniques. Chopra decided to take a leap of faith with a robust company in the global sphere for the same.

Prompted by the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Manisha came up with SeaSoul name and it played a huge part in empowering women in India through sustainable work.

Besides being trained by some of the most famous Hollywood make-up directors, Manisha is also a qualified Engineer. She considers healthy and well-maintained skin as the basis of great make-up. During her two-year long research, Manisha realized the importance of therapeutic products that heal with nature’s goodness.

About the startup: Being an expert in the field, Manisha could immediately gauge how the mud, minerals and salt from this water body could cure and enhance one’s skin, body and spirit. This led to the inception of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals.

With this product line, Manisha Chopra wants to spread the knowledge that she has gained over the years to the professionals in the industry. She also reckons it very important for a salon or spa to educate their clientele on the quality and usage of the right products.

With SeaSoul, she plans to continue her journey of bringing out revolutionary natural products that address the root cause of problems and help people in India rediscover their pristine beauty and calm of mind. It is also her endeavour to meaningfully leverage her position as a successful businesswoman to empower other women via steady professional opportunities.

Challenges: In terms of organic, Ayurveda or herbal products; it is tough to provide such products in the market with low price products.

Opportunity: SeaSoul believes they fit very well in-between the prestige & luxury segment of the industry which is still untapped with more than 40% share of the total personal grooming market in India.

Marketing plans: The startup focusses towards indirect marketing with campaigns generating awareness on the chemicals in current skin care products in the market. The intent is to create consumer awareness on chemical’s currently being used in the cosmetics. We also conduct many touch point events with key influencers in the society to create product awareness. Grooming workshops in our academies. Currently our focus in towards organic growth.

Market size: Considering themselves new in the business, they are trying to benchmark ourselves in terms of market size but customer satisfaction which has been giving us repeat business. Our growth rate has been in upwards of 25% in terms of revenue.

Future plans: Professional Make up line & Academies. We are also working towards opening retail presence by opening SeaSoul experience Zones across the country.

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