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ScaleMinds Invests in Pune Based Ecofriendly ‘Strata Enviro’

ScaleMinds Accelerator founded in September 2016, plans to invest in 20 startups every year.

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Mumbai based ScaleMinds, a company with a network of over 3,000 Investors and supported by leading angel networks has invested in Pune based Strata Enviro, for an undisclosed amount. The company was selected during the Investors' pitch which took place in the presence of the Board of Investors during FundTonic Pune Startup Marathon 2017. Founded by Amol Chaphekar, Strata Enviro manufactures and installs outdoor air pollution controllers for free in public and private places.

Amol Chaphekar, founder of Strata Enviro said, “ScaleMinds came in as that instructor or mentor you have at your gym who encourages you to do one more round of pull up when you are all exhausted by pushing you a little up and saying you can do it.”

He further added, “It's a great feeling when someone supports you when you are exhausted in a complete hassle-free way with not only the funds but also the connect to grow and take the business to next level by complimenting what you already have. We are thankful to ScaleMinds for coming in and contributing when it was most needed.”

Amol, an Innovator with multiple patents in his name was awarded as one of the top ten Innovators of India by Lenovo in 2012. The first commercial installation was made in July 2016 and since then installations were made across the country in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad along with some units shipped outside India. Backed by unit and maintenance sponsorships the company has already put up controllers at airports, traffic signals, toll booths and traffic congestion zones. A sponsor’s display is provided to the sponsor at a nominal cost on top of the unit ensuring that the unit’s maintenance is taken care of for the years to come.

Nainesh Kapadia, founder of ScaleMinds says, “With the support of FundTonic, this year we launched exclusive initiatives for Pune StartUp ecosystem such as a sector agnostic, seed - funded global accelerator; a seed funded healthcare-focused accelerator; exchange program to help scale Pune startups to ASEAN countries and Europe, and many more. With the shortlisted startups we will keep inviting applications for the accelerator programme and aim to fund 20 startups this year from across India.”

ScaleMinds Accelerator, founded by Nainesh Kapadia, in September 2016, plans to invest in 20 startups every year and work closely to mentor them. Along with the investment, ScaleMinds will provide selected startups with a 45-Day Startup Growth Camp that will enable startups to have an access to One-on-One Mentoring with top notch Industry experts and mentors, Product Refinement and Development, Go-To Market and Business Strategy, Networking Opportunity in the Startup Ecosystem and an opportunity to raise 3 million dollars through its network of angel investors. The list includes investors from FundTonic, IAN, Ah Ventures and other angels. Navin Honagudi of Kae Capital, Miten Mehta of Spinta Global Accelerator, Axel and Boris of Yesss Capital, Dhanraj Chandriani of Technecon Healthcare, Rajesh Sehgal of Equanimity

Investments, and Bhavin Parikh, counder of FundTonic, are associated with Scaleminds as mentors.

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