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Save Money and Time While Shopping Online With Shop Pirate Coupons

We get close to get 1 million users’ traffic on monthly basis and 70% traffic is from mobile. With close to more than 5 lac subscribers and 800+ positive reviews for Mobile app it has been so far a good journey wherein shoppers trust us.

Photo Credit : Kulpreet Kaur, Co-founder, Shop Pirate Coupons,

Shop Pirate was founded in July 2013 by two visionaries - Kulpreet Kaur and Suresh Kumar. It is an online marketplace for deals and coupons which help shoppers to save time and money by providing them jaw dropping deals and coupons, all under one roof. The startup also help merchants to acquire users as it basically play key role at the last leg of the user's shopping journey.

Shop Pirate claims that it is the first site to bring features like affinity search, intent categorization, superior user experience, and performance to users in India. Furthermore the company don’t randomly add any stores, it cover stores which provides real benefit to the users. Shop pirate itself says we loot best discounts and deals across the eCommerce stores. All coupons on are tested rigorously to ensure that all the coupons are working and users should not get any expired coupon. Besides, this online deals and coupons site is available across all major platforms – web, browser extension and mobile apps. It helps shoppers to save time and money by getting latest working coupons in one go.

Sujata Sangwan Interacts With Kulpreet Kaur, Co-founder, Shop Pirate Coupons And Spoke To Her


eCommerce is picking up all across the globe, but there is one place where this change is considerably prominent – India. Another segment of the industry which is all geared up to taste its share of success is that of couponing websites in today’s time. However this wasn’t the case when we launched Shop Pirate Coupons. Though entrepreneurship was in my blood but it happened with an incident. Once I wanted to gift a cell phone to a former colleague, but did not know where to get a good discount. I searched online to get the required information but didn’t find relevant information. At that point of time, I witnessed the gap in the industry for a technology backed coupons site which offers real benefit to the user. To fill this gap I quit my job and with strong conviction started working on Shop pirate concept of providing latest and working coupons and deals. Today, I can proudly say that my decision was right as today Shop Pirate has been considered as the most promising coupons website in India and within a span of more than 2 years, today we have more than 3 lakhs users which indicate our growth.

Shop Pirate’s special key features

Shop Pirate Coupons have omni channel presence with presence on Web, Mobile browser and Mobile application. We make sure that shoppers shop and save from anywhere and any device. We have innovative key features backed up by the technology which make us stand apart.

Differentiation factors

Competition is very intense in this space; we have differentiated ourselves with genuine, honest and exclusive discounts to the uses. We make sure that with Shop Pirate users save not only money but time as well. We focus on technology and adapting to machining learning to completely understand the user. Another thing what set us apart is our dedication to offer real time coupons and bringing never before experience for our clients.

Funding raised

So far we have received Rs. 50 lakhs of funding from Confidance Holdings and yes we have plans to raise the capital for our Canada and US operations.


For users coupons are free and we don't charge anything. We have partnered with 500+ top brands like Yatra, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal & more. Infact with few sites like Uber, Ola, Healthkart, Swiggy, we have exclusive tie-ups. Users can get coupons offers for all these brands via our site. This model works well for retailers as we help drive thousands of sales to them per month. We get our share from these websites on valid transactions.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge we faced was educating the consumers and then the competition and shift from web to mobile. But we have adopted with the changes and came up as successors.

Traction details

We get close to get 1 million users’ traffic on monthly basis and 70% traffic is from mobile. With close to more than 5 lac subscribers and 800+ positive reviews for Mobile app it has been so far a good journey wherein shoppers trust us. We are already operational in Canada and soon will be launching US site in near future.

Market size & opportunity

eCommerce is expected to touch whopping $38 billion mark by 2016, with more and more shoppers shopping online on web and mobile looking out for best deals and discount, opportunity is immense all depends what value proposition is given to the users. Coupon market in India is all a rage and is expanding its wings. Indian buyers have a set psychology which attracts them towards hefty discounts and everything and anything ‘free’. And thanks to this frenzy, online coupons sites are already making it big in the subcontinent. There are currently six major coupon sites operating in India and their numbers are growing fast. Today, online shoppers are using coupons for almost everything. What is the need of bargaining in a shop and wasting time switching between shops to find the item you need. Instead you can just sit comfortably in front of your computer and get a treat with mouth-watering discounts.

Advice for new entrants

I would advice not to be impatient. First you need to know your passion then you needs to know your expectations from it. Once you have that solid foundation framed in your mind, you’re ready to lay that foundation to reality. Follow the path of discipline. And most importantly be ready to face various challenges. Do not do many things together instead do one thing and do it perfectly.

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