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Samara Mahindra: My Journey to Founding a Startup for Cancer Patients

If there is an actual problem you are trying to solve on a large scale, then bigger the resistance, bigger the opportunity to succeed and make an impact

My journey began when I was a child and found myself heavily into sports. With a strong competitive streak and agility to move fast, running and basketball became my religion. This led to a curiosity into the movement, anatomy, physiology and so on. Without any academic knowledge into the area, I spent most of my time learning unofficially and enriching my knowledge about the same. This knowledge and curiosity stayed with me as I went through school, college, and finally when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I would notice the way the treatment affected her on a physical and mental level, or the times that she was more physically active or ate nutritious meals, the severity of her side effects would decrease. There was something amiss, she was getting top quality medical treatment from “the best” but her immunity was decreasing and eventually crashed. The only way to build your immune system is to focus on lifestyle and I knew this from everything I had learnt. Unfortunately for me to implement this with her was too late, but I made a decision to do this with every cancer patient going forward.

This is when CARER Program began. Offering lifestyle and holistic therapies for cancer patients at home, to build their immune system and give them the best chance of recovery and survival. There is no lack of credible oncologists, top quality medical care and rapidly growing medical advancements, but there is a major lack of therapies that support the patient’s immunity and lifestyle. The biggest reason to getting the cancer in the first place.

When deciding to be an entrepreneur, I had many apprehensions. Such as, although I credited myself in the space, I am not a medical doctor and thought that would pose an interference in starting a healthcare company, however to my surprise it didn’t and that is solely because of the world class team we have got on-board. We as people have become so engrained in finding a one stop shop, quick fix or magic bullet that all our trust is given to an external entity that administers us with drugs that we hope will fix us almost instantly. However, the truth is, you need to focus on your lifestyle, the food you eat, movement, managing the mind and this takes time. Hence CARER is trying to change mind sets of the people who are ill. In fact, this is the journey of any entrepreneur trying to solve a problem and make a difference.

If you want to change the course of something, resistance will be the first obstacle and probably even the biggest. Most entrepreneurs give up here, believing that their product or service is not well accepted and people don’t want it. But what I learnt is that, if there is an actual problem you are trying to solve on a large scale, then bigger the resistance, bigger the opportunity to succeed and make an impact.

My journey has been a long one and continues to make its way through ups and downs, hopefully with no destination at the end. We keep running towards a vision, goal or achievement only to realise that it’s not the destination and it should never be. The fun of being an entrepreneur is solving problems, making a change, learning from the trials and tribulations because there will be many. My biggest learning has been about myself. I have been re-introduced to me, and learnt more about who I really am as a person than ever before.

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