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Sainergie: Aims to Focus on US and Europe Markets and Generate 15 million USD Revenue by 2019-20 FY Ending

The genesis is just to build a “good IT company” out there which understands the customers well enough to provide quality solutions. We believe in the culture of complete freedom with the right set of people joining the board.

BWDisrupt interacted with Amit Singal, Founder Sainergie to know more about their IT Solutions Company, Sainergie has launched some exciting products and we work towards to building a lean and knowledge rich company. Sainergie's core focus is to create an environment which breeds "innovation". 

1. Share with us how many Investment fund you have raised?

Sainergie is a bootstrapped company since the inception and we intend to be like this for another 6-9 months of time. We have a healthy cash flow situation with both the Servcies and Products verticals shaping up as per the business plan. We will looking more at a strategic investor where money is just a by product but the vision of our forseen partner can take us at the level we have want to see Sainergie by 2019 FY ending.

2. What kind of Market Opportunities are you looking out?

I see tremendous opportunities for us in the Product space. It is very important to understand the market from top to bottom and understanding the core domain you operate in. Sainergie’s products will be for Logistics segment concentrating on the B2B segment and later at the B2C market. NCR and other metros are good markets to focus on and we will keep expanding our sales base in these cities where Bangalore will remain as the center of excellence for these products.

3. Share with us the story behind genesis of the Startup?

The genesis is just to build a “good IT company” out there which understands the customers well enough to provide quality solutions. We believe in the culture of complete freedom with the right set of people joining the board. Freedom will breed creativity and as we see all our people are family and we believe in sharing every single success with them as we grow.

Meet the Core team and Founding Members

Amit Singal : Co-Founder & CEO

Amit is an inspirational leader and completely a People's Man. His belief has been "great teams make greater companies". Amit has more than 17 years of experience in IT Operations and Strategy, Program and Product Management, across IT in different domains like Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, HR, IT and ITES. Amit has worked in companies like CSC, Cincom, Patni, WNS, Eicher Motors before Sainergie. Amit has won many awards during his work journey. Amit is an alumni of ISB and holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra.

Satyen Vats : Co-Founder and CTO

Satyen Vats has more then 17 years of experience of Program and Product Management, Practice Set Up, Talent Acquisition and Operational Efficiency. He holds a deep understanding of technology, people and processes in a distributed software development environment across multiple geographies. His current focus areas are Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. Satyen holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra.

5. Product / Service offering & USP

Sainergie is a IT Logistics Products and IT Services Company, wiithin the IT Logistics we have:

1. AsSure: AsSure is an Employee Logistics Product which is mainly into the B2B segment. This provides right from managing the people, to their shifts, vendors, vehicles, pricing models, to demand generation for the cabs and then their audits, tracking with MIS/Analytics, mobile apps with robust employee security measures in built. Today AsSure has some 600+ users on the platform.

2. evento: This is a Event Management Platform which helps the companies run their event smoothly. This has been used by some 10000+ users and now we are working on launch the upgraded app by Dec 2016-09-12

Product Site:

Sainergie is working with some Indian and US customers for their turnkey projects. We have done good work out there and next stage is to work and provide our customers their solutions with integrated Artifical Intelligence capabilities.

6. What kind of Marketing efforts did you put in?

Amit Singal: Sainergie will keep a very lean budget for the marketing effort as I am very strong believer in building relationships. Don't understand the term of networking but relationships are what drives power to achieve the impossible. Sainergie will do a relationship based sales and marketing effort going forward as well.

7. What Challenges did you face while launching this startup?

The key challenge for us has been to build a lean company. It is always easy to create fat organisations but when you focus on lean the people identification becomes even more critical. People need to have the right attitude to take on a multi faceted roles and need to have an open mind to change. I have believed that the primary role which I tried to do when was working for others and now for myself how do we identify the people well enough during the interviews process so that we don't fail them and they don't fail us. It is the open and well gaurded relation between us and our people which will lead Sainergie to a lean company churing our effective and practical solutions.

8.What are your Future Plans?

Sainergie will concentrate on the US and Europe markets to get more Services projects and reach 10k people on AsSure, roll out evento+ by Dec 2016 and establish evento. We aim to generate 15 million USD revenue by 2019-20 FY ending.

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