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SSTORM Forays into $36B Indian eCommerce Segment Selling International Products

SSTORM offers the Indian consumer access to innovation, technology and trend driven products from cutting-edge global brands at the their original MRP, inclusive of all duties, taxes, and shipping

Armaan Gandhi , CEO and Founder, Sstorm
SSTORM Forays into $36B Indian eCommerce Segment Selling International Products

SSTORM, an Indian e-commerce platform that offers innovation, technology, and trend driven international products, today announced the launch of its platform for the Indian market. SSTORM wishes to redefine the international shopping experience and allow Indian consumers to purchase innovative products at the same cost they are sold internationally (i.e. at their MRP), inclusive of all customs duties, taxes, and shipping costs. Buy that $80 gadget you saw on Shark Tank for exactly $80 on SSTORM, inclusive of all additional charges, and have it delivered to your in record time with no paperwork or other hassles – SSTORM takes care of it all!

Sstorm is your one-stop shop to discover and purchase innovative, trendy and luxury products from across the globe from a plethora of categories, including technology, gadgets, fashion, home décor, phone & laptop accessories, health & wellness, travel, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Armaan Gandhi, Founder & CEO of SSTORM, said “We’re extremely excited – no one has tried something like this in India before. We’re not just another Amazon or Flipkart – we bring in products that haven’t hit the Indian market ever before, and we’re able to provide them to the market at the manufacturer’s original MRP inclsuive of all duties, taxes, and shipping. A two-click international shopping experience without the customs calls or KYC document uploads. Importantly, we allow new, cutting-edge brands to infiltrate the Indian market without any hassle or beauracracy.”

Sstorm launched its teaser campaign in September 2016 to the Indian public. It already has more than 150 brands partners from across the globe with more than 400 products on offer.

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