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Rock n Shop to Launch an AI-enabled App This Year

Founded in 2015 by fashion-forward sisters Priya Sachdev and Charu Sachdev in Delhi, Rock N Shop is making luxury label more accessible to Indian consumers. A global community of fashion with over 300 Indian and international brands offering an inspirational shopping experience, this sister duo is making a difference from ‘Made in India’ to ‘Luxury by India’.

What is the USP of your brand?

Rock N Shop aims to bring luxury emerging brands at the door step of every aspirational consumer. It brings contemporary Indian designers and international luxury brands available in Tier II and Tier III markets. Now the focus is on Middle East and Singapore. Over 70% of the sales are driven by females. We think e-commerce is not the only viable way for young players to attain business growth but it is an integral part of a business plan irrespective of the fact that their brand has a retail presence or not.

Tell us about your future plans?

Rock N Shop appeals to the affluent class as well as the masses with a range starting from Rs 1500 to a lakh. About 70% of our customers order on mobile. So, we are developing an App to be launched at the end of this quarter which will have features like AI with push notifications, product notifications and e-mail marketing.

Tell us about your investment plans?

Rock N Shop has raised $150,000 in seed funding from various high net worth investors. The money raised was used to enhance technology infrastructure, hire staff and get more luxury labels on the platform. The funding was facilitated by Enablers (, a web-based platform for fundraising transactions. They plan to increase their turnover by 100% and also focus on international markets like the Middle East and Singapore. At present  our current turnover is Rs 38 lakh annually.

What do you think is the most important aspect for a woman entrepreneur to keep in mind while starting out?

It’s important to have a vision and plan when you set out to do something. R&D is key. Set your timelines in place and ask questions as that’s the only way to grow. Working with a team helps you gain other people’s perspectives and insights.

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