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Read this if Your Startup is about to go Bust

You thought you would be the next Steve Jobs. If not a Jobs at least the next Bansal or Aggarwal. The future was so shiny and new when you decided to become an entrepreneur and cofound a startup with your best buddy. (‘cos getting jobs fresh out of an IIT is so old school, right?)

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Or maybe you quit your high-paying job because you were tired working for someone else and thought you had all the connections to make the crores rain from the get-go.

But what if it didn’t work out? You know, 9/10 startups fail in India. Startups shut down, employers are fired, you might not get investors, maybe you’re bootstrapping, maybe you’re working 16 hours a day including Sundays.

Basically, the times you will be majorly stressed and will feel like a nervous financial train wreck will be dime a dozen.

You can choose to give up. But we want you to try this out first.

Try being Mindful.

Mindfulness helps build emotional resilience that will help you bounce back from tough times in life.

Sadia Saeed, TEDx speaker, founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space spoke how being mindful can bring benefits to the work place. She was speaking at the first Mindful Leader Summit India held in Delhi. The summit is affiliated to the Mindful Leadership Summit based in Washington DC, USA.

“It gives you a clearer space for motivation and allows you to concentrate on the present times. More specifically being mindful will help you to make good decisions at present that will be best for the future. Being mindful will help you to focus on your present activities without worrying about past regrets [like all those bad business decisions you made as a novice entrepreneur]. Mindfulness will give you clarity on what you must do.”

It’s a technique lots of big corporations are latching onto. Google, Apple, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, you name it. In fact research from PwC say for every dollar spent on mindfulness training, the organization and its employees got benefits worth 2.30 dollars back (that’s 230% ROI).

So, if you’re going through some incredibly bad times with your startup we recommend taking a few minutes to practice some techniques of mindfulness. It could help save the day.

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