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Puppies, Fashion and Bindis. 5 Startups That Put a Smile on Your Face

They deal with puppies, biriyani, fashion, sexual wellness and bindis. Cheers To them this International Day of Happiness!


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Whatspup – Couture and Care for your pooch

Founded by a trio of cuddly, furry lovers, Whatspup has been in the business of giving your pooch stylish LED collars, a posh sweater, high quality food and the most caring veterinary services since 2016.

Swati Tandon, Shipra Dubey and Rukmani Singh are animal lovers but they made a business of it because they had the chops for it.

The founders say of why they started up, “At we loved the idea of looking after our pets and keeping them warm and safe but in style, but when we looked around we noticed that there were a lot of clothes available for pets but nothing that could be described as high fashion or couture, We wanted to dress our pets in style and have them looking like a million dollars, so based on that concept that we launched”

Zapyle – Get real Gucci and Chanel at a discount

Who doesn’t want to strut into office or make their friends a tad jealous by wearing a pair of high fashion designer wear? Arguably no one.

Who can afford to spend a crore a month on high fashion designer wear? Arguably very few.

So for all the fashion lovers who only make a meagre buck, Zapyle could probably turn your desires into reality. Zapyle founded in May 2015 by Rashi Menda has become an easy way to sell your pieces of fashion. Zapyle also has a section for brand new wear, cosmetics and several other items to qualm your beauty yearnings.

But what sets this startup, which by the way has already raise a million dollars apart, is the section where one can find pre-owned genuine designer pieces at a major discount. We are talking a Gucci bag that may cost over 140,000 rupees now available at under 55,000 rupees.

itspleaZure – The sexual wellness player

We were wondering whether a startup in this sector should be acknowledged given the nature of its products and given the culture we live in. But why not? The sexual wellness industry is supposed to reach 52 billion dollars by 2020.

Divya Chauhan cofounder of itspleaZure wrote this for BWDisrupt in December 2016: “In 2013, when the Indian sexual wellness industry started gaining visibility, the market was worth only 213 million dollars. It estimates the current market size of the category in India to be around at 450 million dollars.”

Divya further says on their website, “…despite knowing the importance of a healthy, loving, and sexually satisfying relationship, the industry that promotes love is yet to become mainstream and be treated like any other industry that endorses physical, mental, and emotional wellness…”

India seems to be catching on rather well. Surprisingly, most of itspleaZure’s cutomer growth is from tier 2 and 3 cities like Nashik, Nagpur and Vadodara. The average ticket size for tier 2 and 3 is 3000 rupees while for metro cities it’s 2100 rupees (yes, tier 2 and 3 cities are spending more).

Swiggy – The deliverer of yummy food

Cheese dripping burgers and fries, Chocolate covered dough nuts, Hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani delivered to your door. Didn’t that put a smile on your face?

Swiggy was one of the few food tech startups that weren’t rattled during the great shake down of modern foodtech companies in 2015. Media reports say the food delivery company is already profitable in two of its cities and hope to further solidify its presence in the Swiggy operational cities of Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Book my Bindi – All the bindis you will ever need

Besides its intriguing name, this startup also hold the distinction of being the world’s first portal dedicated to bindis, and nothing else.

Founded by Prabhleen Kaur and Aroona Bhat who is noted as the record holder for the most number of bindi designs created,, has a very important message to all the women out there.

Aroona Bhat says on the website, “When one wears a Bindi, not just are you signifying and saluting the female energy in you, you can be rest assured that there is an increase in one's level of concentration as well.”

Word of caution on the prices though, bindis go from 300 rupees to a 1000. Bindi fans don’t seem to mind. Their diamond bindi collection shows entire stocks sold out.

Clearly it’s putting a smile on someone’s face.

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