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Karan S Kumar

Karan S Kumar is the Founder of iGenero.

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Professional Happiness: Checklist to Make It Possible

The company giving you autonomy to make decisions and a certain flexibility in working style is very important.

Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson’s quote in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, organizations can only create an environment that enables employees in the pursuit of happiness. The environment could differ based on company culture, but your personality will not. So, every time you are looking for an employer analyse the environment based on the following elements and engage in a long term mutually beneficial and happy relationship.

1. Definite role & purpose

There needs to be a very clear definition of what your role is in the company and how it affects the organisation as a whole.The contribution part is pretty obvious but how many companies do you find which can say that their employees know what kind of impact their contribution makes to company’s growth. I can confidently say, very few! In appraisal or annual meetings where the company or your performance is being highlighted or reviewed there should also be feedback on your contribution to companies growth. I am sure knowing that you are valued will go a long way in making you feel happy and satisfied in your job.

2. A fearless workplace

The company culture creates a workplace that enables employees to question everything that is done & your feedback is taken seriously no matter what position you are in. Also, you work in an environment which encourages mistakes as long as you are learning from it. Stress & fear only creates a miserable environment (jobs on the line, constant stick for making mistakes, fear of a bad boss etc.) and sooner than later you will find yourself yearning for a new horizon.

3. A sense of ownership/ responsibility

The company giving you autonomy to make decisions and a certain flexibility in working style is very important. By giving you a sense of responsibility & ownership to your work the company gives you a better sense of satisfaction and makes you feel like a part of the team &assigns vital importance to your contribution.

4. Social Interaction

An corporate environment where you as employees can interact freely is important. Man is a social animal & having an environment where social relationships can be built & sustained creates a happier workplace. This social interaction should not be restricted to the confines of the workplace but also outside. At routine intervals the employer should finds ways to celebrate your and other colleagues milestones in the company through get-togethers and off-site events.

5. Personal & Professional alignment

The company ensures that it understands what your personal goals are & how their professional goals are aligned to it. The management trains you for the future helping you to achieve your personal goals by knocking off the professional goals with optimum efficiency. The company also ensures that you are compensated well, well enough that the numbers take care of your personal life sufficiently. An unhappy personal life creates an unhappy employee. This could mean a flexible leave policy, adequate compensation & treating a few scenarios not by the rules of the workplace but by the spirit of it.

A happy employee is a successful company and vice a versa. If all these parameters are present in your present or future employer that you have a marriage made in heaven and professionally you could be a very happy employee. Studies show that we Indians take our work home, so this International Happiness Day create a happy job for a happy professional life.

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