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Priyanka Chopra on what Quantico Taught Her

The actor and entrepreneur shares her lessons from taking the plunge into the unknown


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“It was September 27, 2015, the date of Quantico’s worldwide premiere. I was sitting by the pool in LA drinking a Bellini, watching the first episode live on television and live-tweeting at the same time. My hands were cold, and I was thinking, "God I don't know if India, first of all, is ready to see me act in English. Just be a different character, play an American girl. Is America ready to see an Indian girl being a lead of a show?" Probably the scariest moment in my life.”

“Looking back, I realize that that moment has been repeating itself in my life over and over again. And it always begins when I ask myself: What do YOU want?”

“At every stage of my career, the answer to this question helped solidify my objectives and allowed me the mental freedom to chase the impossible dreams I had and turned them into a reality.”

“This is not some find yourself, inner peace, control your destiny utopian concept… it’s a ‘cut the BS, get real and get down to business’ talk with yourself so you prepare for the journey ahead.”

“We all make plans for our lives but most often are too scared or embarrassed about our ambitions to go after it wholeheartedly. And that’s where it all falls apart.”

“It may sound simplistic and somewhat naive but in reality once you’ve won the battle with yourself every other hurdle you face seems easy to overcome because you will approach it with the courage of conviction that this is exactly what you want.”

So what did I learn from this journey?

- Every successful career, in any field, will definitely, definitely have evolution. Complacency sets in if you don't try and evolve.

- I’d like something that is my path, paved by me. Something that is my own legacy rather than being one of the many successful people in the world. So I work towards that

- At some point in your career (you will know when), you will have to leap into the unknown… you have to try in order to achieve. You might have to do it a couple of times…

- Follow your instincts

- Retain your own identity

- Own your uniqueness

- Be honest with yourself about what you want to achieve. Don’t be shy to dream

- When you try something new… be open to understand and accept the fact that you won’t know everything and people won’t know everything about you.
It’s a process of education and you have to be open to learning at all times.

- Always give back… in any way that you can.

Let’s do this!”

These quotes are from the article titled, “Follow Your Instincts, Believe In Your Uniqueness And Never Be Afraid To Leap Into The Unknown”, by Priyanka Chopra appearing on LinkedIn.

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