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Pramati Technologies - Making Products and Delivering Services for Building the Agile Enterprise

The Pramati Application Server—the first to receive Java standards certification—was its flagship product that was installed by each of India’s top 10 banks by 2001.

Pramati Technologies has always been in the forefront of technological and business expertise. It takes pride in its two-decade track record of leveraging its world-class software products and platform engineering capabilities.


It all started in 1998 when brothers Jay Pullur and Vijay Pullur founded Pramati as a web technology company in Hyderabad, India. The Pramati Application Server—the first to receive Java standards certification—was its flagship product that was installed by each of India’s top 10 banks by 2001. And the rest, as they say, is history. Boosted by an early success, it went on to invest in critical technologies, built independent companies, and eventually become one of India’s leading software product companies. Today, Pramati invests in emerging technologies, combining products and services to offer enterprises the winning trinity of innovation, growth, and agility.


However, in the current state of continuous market flux, you need a winning formula to stay relevant and successful. Pramati’s focus has always been on innovation. Based on this, Pramati has developed its own middleware platform and created success stories in the fields of cloud, API, bots, and more.

Pramati also believes in the immense potential of staying flexible and agile. It helps enterprises become agile by de-siloing and making them respond, adapt, and evolve. Pramati works around the triad of technology, design, and strategy, and terms this flexible approach and digital transformation as ‘Yoga for the enterprise’.

However, Pramati’s uniqueness lies in its people. It clubs a whole-brained approach to engineering and an entrepreneurial culture, and helps foster an ecosystem in which new ideas emerge and grow. The company nurtures a multi-cultural environment and believes in diversity and global outlook. Its values, passion, and way of doing things are the intangibles that make a difference to the customers and communities it serves.

Aided by these strategies and tools, Pramati has come a long way since its inception. From its humble beginnings in Hyderabad, where the headquarters are located, Pramati now has offices in Mountain View-CA in the US, and Chennai and Bengaluru in India. Pramati owns the brands WaveMaker, SpotCues, Reve Marketing, and Imaginea, and works closely with more than 100 global product companies and F500 enterprises.


The way forward is also clear for the software major. Pramati believes that the prerequisite for innovation is Enterprise Agility. Most organizations simply cascade business targets and objectives down the management hierarchy. But with this approach, the structural silos get worse because at lower levels everybody’s working on different objectives. This is detrimental to the whole process of innovation. Enterprise Agility starts at this fundamental level. What are the information flows and pipes needed to make the enterprise innovation-ready? What are the technologies that facilitate collaboration and co-operation? What does it take to de-silo departments in practice, as opposed to the theory we find in business literature? Pramati's future is about making products and delivering services for building the agile enterprise.

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