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Pick a Photo Printing Company for its Technology and Quality, Not Price

Understand that a company investing in advanced technology to print great looking photos will charge a marginally higher price but that premium will be totally worth it.

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Your printing partner matters a lot to your brand

Ranjit Yadav, managing director of Canvera Digital Technologies writes:

After completing a one-year diploma in professional photography, Satish was excited to bag an assignment to capture his best friend’s wedding. From pictures of the gorgeous bride and the dapper groom, fashion and portrait photography, family and children photography, product photography, macro photography and more, Satish finally had a plethora of opportunities to showcase his photo-capturing skills. While Satish was confident about his ability to create resplendent memories with his camera, he also wanted his friend’s wedding pictures to look classy with high quality prints affixed in flawless layouts and stunning albums. This is when he started looking for a perfect photo printing company. With little experience in choosing one, he was addled about what to look for and how to pick the one company that could do justice to his work, a common dilemma amongst young professional photographers.

If you’ve found yourself in the same boat often, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind before you finalize on the ideal photo printing company for your work.

1. Look for smart colour technologies - Have your clients often complained to you about the drastic colour differences once the pictures are printed? As the image travels from the camera to display and then to print, there are high chances that the final colour output will be distorted. Therefore, the role of colour management plays a crucial role while printing photographs. Ensure that your photo printing company has intelligent colour technologies that support multiple preset colour configurations and use advanced algorithms for automatic intelligent colour corrections. If advanced profile maker devices and complex colour management algorithms are used to profile all printers, then you can be assured of impeccable quality, consistent true-to-life colours, skin tones and fine details.

2. Save your colour preferences - There are chances that your client did not like the album layout or template and now wants to get a few pages of the album redone. This can put you or the designer in a soup if the colour profile that you used initially was not saved. Only colour preference memorizers can remember the photographer’s previous colour profile preferences and can help in intelligent colour corrections at the design stage.

3. Read reviews and testimonials - The market is flooded with photo printing companies. Make sure to read the reviews your competitors get; even the testimonials and technologies used for printing an album. Find out if they are new to the field and what are the different assignments or genres they have worked on. It is imperative that you zero in on a printing company which is known to deliver high quality standards.

4. Ensure impeccable quality - The images may look great on the computer, but if you want the same quality to be replicated in your album, then try the automated print management system (APMS) that will guarantee you high image resolution and optimum quality pictures. APMS will assure impeccable quality, consistent true-to-life colours and skin tone in all your photo prints. The APMS constantly measures and monitors print quality to the minutest detail. The algorithms and advanced techniques and tools in APMS lend excellent auto-correction and auto-optimisation capabilities. Therefore, always look for a photo printing company that makes the best of science and technology processes that have been completely evolved in house to make your photobooks live up to your vision.

5. Price and quality should go hand in hand - It may seem like a difficult task to choose a printing company that fits your clients’ preference and budget. Make your client understand the procedure, the time and effort that goes into the making of a quality album. Help them understand that a company that provides all the above services and assures you of impeccable quality will charge a marginally higher price but that premium will be totally worth it.

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