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Pee Safe launches Raho Safe- An effective range of hygiene products amid COVID-19

The products under Raho Safe include an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a multipurpose surface protectant that are 99.9% effective against germs and contain natural neem extracts.

Personal Hygiene brand Pee Safe has launched a new range of products under the brand name Raho Safe that kills 99.9% of the germs. The launch comes amidst the rising concern around personal hygiene in India and the consecutive increase in demand for hand sanitizers, multi surface protectants and other products.

The Raho Safe Hand Sanitizer has an antibacterial agent that prevents growth of bacteria and kills 99.9% of the germs. It is alcohol based and made up of a natural neem extract. The Raho Safe Multi-Purpose Protectant Spray forms a long-lasting bond with any surface. It provides an invisible layer of protection to prevent contamination and must be used every 7 days for best results. protectantThe product range starts from INR 99, making them affordable for everyone.  

Commenting on the launch of Raho Safe Vikas Bagaria, Co-founder, Pee Safe, said, “The world is battling a health emergency currently and the need of the hour is to ensure utmost cleanliness and sanitation all across. With the number of cases in India on a rise, we must double our efforts to ensure that we stay protected and safe. We have been working on this line of products for over a few months now and decided to accelerate the launch timelines given the dearth of supply. Apart from offering 99.9% protection against germs, they are also priced reasonably making them accessible to everyone. Good health and well-being are natural outcomes of better sanitation and Pee Safe aims to achieve this objective through its products.”

In the last 30 months, Pee Safe has disrupted the women’s hygiene products’ segment by introducing environment friendly products. The brand started with the Toilet Seat Sanitizer category that became a bestseller followed by other products addressing feminine and personal hygiene.

Since October 2015, the brand has diversified into products including eco-friendly Sanitary Pads, Organic Cotton Tampons, Menstrual Cups, Panty Liners, Breast Pads, Natural Intimate Washes, Wipes and Sweat Pads for both men and women, and Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Dust Masks.

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