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PayU India Launches Payment Collection Feature for PayUmoney Merchants

PayU India becomes the only payment company to offer the payment collect feature with Microsoft Excel, a widely used tool by small and large businesses

Trusted by more than 3.5 lakh businesses for collecting their online payments, PayU India, the leading online payment service provider, announces the launch of an innovative capability via Microsoft Excel for its merchants. With this plugin, all the merchants of PayUmoney can now send payment collection requests to their customers directly using SMS, Email or both from their existing Microsoft Excel and also check the payment status without ever having to log in to any website or the PayUmoney dashboard. The plugin also allows merchants to use existing tools like the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to help manage order processing and payments rather than develop new applications to manage user payments.

On this innovation, Pradeep Shekhawat, Head, SMB Business, PayU India, said, “We are committed to constantly innovate and keep introducing new capabilities to make the payment process seamless for our merchants and customers. Based on market research, we understand that a large number of businesses use Microsoft Excel to maintain their customer’s accounts and thus we are proud to be the first ever payment company to launch such a feature that integrates payment collection capability with Microsoft Office application - Excel. Our product teams strive every day to simplify our merchant’s lives in providing a frictionless payment experience and this new feature is a great example which fits directly into their daily workflow.”

Along with integrating the payment collection option with Microsoft Excel application, the new feature enables the merchants to manage and track payments, and check an invoice status real-time - ‘Paid', ‘Unpaid' or 'Expired’ right on the Excel spreadsheet. This feature will make online payment tracking and collection extremely easy for small and medium businesses of PayU in India.

Using the newly launched invoicing feature, Shivam Agrawal, the Partner at Mail Transcripts, a merchant of PayUmoney, said, “PayUmoney has launched several innovative features to offer the best payment gateway experience. With the Excel plugin, I don't have to provide complete access to our PayUmoney account with all employees. Instead, I have better control since each employee can send invoices using their Excel sheets that use the plugin without viewing all account details.” 

Praising the efficiency of the tool, Deepak, Head of Accounts at ParaHomecare, a merchant of PayUmoney, said, “We are able to send multiple invoices in one go. It is helpful to track payment statuses and maintain invoicing records without any new integration. Our existing processes have become faster without any additional cost.”

The new invoicing Excel plugin can be downloaded from the PayUmoney website and installed with a single click. It does not require any technical integration or development effort. Thereby reducing time and money for PayUmoney merchants.

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