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PayPal Offers Jobs To Techie Women Through “Recharge”

Recharge this year follows a successful pilot program in 2016. The program focuses on equipping women technologists with skills to pursue their careers after a personal break.


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PayPal, a global leader in online payments, today announced the launch of Recharge, a unique six-week program focused on empowering women technologists to get back to work after taking time off to explore their passions, develop interests and strengthen families. The program is a part of PayPal’s commitment towards nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion in the technology industry.

PayPal will offer 10 participants the opportunity to work in its technology centers across Bangalore and Chennai in roles including software development engineer, software development – test engineer, software development manager, release engineer and risk analyst.

Recharge is open to women who have taken a personal career break for a period of 1 to 5 years, with at least 5 years of work experience in product development and analytics and with backgrounds in Java, J2EE, PEGA, test automation, release engineering, risk analytics.

After its successful pilot in 2016, Recharge, aims to equip women technologists with skills and the confidence required to help them get back to work and jumpstart their careers after a break. The pilot Recharge program received over 300 applications from women with work experience of at least 5 years in product development and analytics, who had taken a career break. Of this, 75 were invited to an event that helped them build their confidence and interview skills, followed by a boot camp that 30 shortlisted women attended. Finally, 10 participants were given the opportunity to join PayPal and continue their professional journey at the end of the initiative.

“Research has shown that only 34 percent of India’s IT workforce is female and 41 percent of women in technology companies tend to leave mid-career, compared to 17 percent of men. At PayPal, we are not only committed to building a strong and diverse organization, but also believe in the need to create a more diverse technology ecosystem. We look forward to helping women technologists rebuild their confidence, while also providing them with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in the tech industry as well as best practices to follow when they renter the workforce,” said Jayanthi Vaidyanathan, ‎director of human resources, PayPal.

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