PayMate Acquires Digital Lending Platform Z2P Technologies to Benefit SMEs

The acquisition of Z2P Technologies by PayMate is set to disrupt the B2B payments and SME lending industry in India

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PayMate, an early pioneer in India’s payments industry and a leading player in electronic Business-to-Business (B2B) payments space, announced today the acquisition of Z2P (Zaitech Technology Pvt. Ltd.), a digital lending platform which provides hassle-free and real-time credit using social and banking data along with proprietary analytics and AI. 

The acquisition is expected to be completed by May 2018 and it follows the announcement in February of this year by PayMate of its B2B partnership agreement with Visa. 

As a result of the acquisition, PayMate acquires an innovative and proven lending solution in Z2P, which when combined with PayMate’s proprietary B2B payments platform will revolutionize the way businesses manage their payment operations, cashflow, and access to growth capital. PayMate plans to partner with banks and NBFCs to improve the flow of credit to SMEs.

According to a recent study by KPMG, there are over 51 million SME and MSMEs in India. These SMEs are the key drivers of future economic growth. However, the greatest impediment to their growth today is the lack of credit.  This credit gap is conservatively estimated at $300 billion. PayMate aims to chip away at this credit gap by enabling credit and helping unleash SME growth.

Recent Updates by PayMate:

1. PayMate has crossed $2B in annualized Gross Processing Volumes (GPV). 

2. The company has also recently been selected by Visa to power all its B2B payments

3.  The company has recently started SAAS platform for all their SME's & SMB's customer. 

4. They have 14000 plus registered customer.

5. The company has recently started their app based approached with the android version of their service. 

Recent developments in the digital lending space:

  1. Earlier this month,, a P2P Lending marketplace owned by Mumbai based FinTech start-up BigWin Infotech has announced second round of seed funding and secured $225K through angel investment. 

  2.  In March, has raised second round of angel investment of about ₹5 crores, led by SucSEED Venture Partners, Manish Poddar, a serial entrepreneur and investor, and a group of angel investors from globally renowned consulting and private equity firms. 

  3. Last month, Finzy has raised $1.3 million in first round of Pre Series A from investors in the industry. 

  4. In April, Funding Societies (also known as Modalku in Indonesia), has raised $25 million in Series B funding, led by SoftBank Ventures Korea.

  5. In May, Chennai-based OpenTap, a fintech startup focusing on the alternate lending segment, has raised about ₹3 crore funding from HNIs (high networth individuals). 

  6. As per media reports, Paytm is in the process of seeking a licence from the RBI to operate a P2P lending platform. 

  7. Earlier this month, ETMONEY, a Times Internet backed company, announced its entry into the lending business, with launch of ETMONEY CreditLine, in partnership with RBL Bank. 

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