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Parenting Website Raises Funding from Key Investors

The company has a strong management team and a core group of advisors that can execute its long-term strategy. Interestingly, unlike a number of startups this venture ensured that the revenue model was in place from the first day of operations.

Kidsstoppress' Founder and CEO, Mansi Zaveri

Mumbai-based parenting and baby care startup, has raised capital from key angel investors. The company has managed to bootstrap the operations until now and is now entering its next phase of growth where these funds will go a long way in strengthening technology, hiring top talent, and creating footprints in addi- tional cities across India.

Founder and CEO, Mansi Zaveri said, "We are very excited to partner with investors who will bring in a fresh perspective and guidance that will help steer in to the next phase of growth. The parenting and baby care segment in India is a very large opportunity and is worth close to $25 billion. At the same time it is also fragmented and very local in terms of language, culture and geography. At we have built the groundwork to address this large opportunity across segments including content and market place".

As Charles Duhigg, author of Habit says “ The biggest moment of flexibility in our shopping habits is when we have a child, because all of our routines go out of the window, and suddenly a marketer can come in and sell you new things.”

Parenting today has changed significantly from the time we, the parents, were growing up. Today at every stage a couple suffers from paradox of choice. This accompanied by the nuclear family set up in India has caused many urban parents to look to the world wide web for answers. India today lacks a consolidated platform that can cater to the Indian parent who is raising kids in a landscape that is physically, culturally and socially very different from the western countries. connects parents to brands, services, and events for children from across the country helping parents make informed choices through its online platform Present across most social media segments and with the successful launch of marquee properties in the parenting and baby care segment such as KSP Code - India’s first loyalty and exclusive access card for parents, KSP Awards - India’s first popular choice awards for brands and services in the parenting and baby care seg- ment, KSP Kids Book Club, KSP TV - a platform that discusses topics of relevance to parents such as reading, music, sports, mental health, baby care and more, and KSP Radio that is India’s first digital radio station for kids that shares bite size news for kids about things around them.

Kidsstoppress Media Private Limited is a pioneer and an early stage multi - channel digital media solutions provider in the parenting and baby care segment. The company delivers both proprietary and secondary content through various digital mediums in addition to Kidsstoppress, through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, interactive online discussions, Soundcloud, and even offline events and products. Kidsstoppress’s user experience is facilitated through a technology backbone that inter-links multiple content- based platforms with instant access to relevant information. Through its website Kidsstoppress aims to facilitate many of its ongoing popular properties that define their leadership role in the market

Kidsstoppress works with brands in the baby care and parenting segment such as Unilever, P&G, Himalaya Babycare, Johnsons India, HP and many others. Zaveri says, “One of the biggest insights into finding Kidsstoppress was how the trust mechanism of a parent evolves and gets more stringent than before demanding a very high quality of content. Having existing/expecting parents as part of the team who review, recommend and write about things other parents want to hear and know about, plays a big part in creating a high quality content delivery system.”

The company has a strong management team and a core group of advisors that can execute its long-term strategy. Interestingly, unlike a number of startups this venture ensured that the revenue model was in place from the first day of operations. With more than 15 years of experience in Marketing and Digital Media, the company understands the significance of unit economics and the crucial need to generate revenues. With advertising, engagement and subscription services, Kidsstoppress aims to increase its reach of over a million parents across digital platforms. With a team of 8 people, the company has a digital reach of over 1 million and is charting out a roadmap ahead that includes more cities and doubling it’s user base. “Kidsstoppress is working on a number of new initiatives including a curated market place model and strengthening the technology backbone to provide a very personalised experience to the parents.”

Image : Kidsstoppress' Founder and CEO, Mansi Zaveri

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