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Palettes Digital - Helps in Improving a Brand's Digital Presence and Reach

Palettes has worked with around 30 clients till now. The client base is a mix of well-established firms like edX, IIMB, Malabar, Titan & growing startups like Bookaflower, Admizz, Hostelnpg etc.

During the past few years digital branding has evolved into a major segment of marketing and PR. Mere presence on digital presence no more makes a brand ‘special’. Personalized communication, maintenance of a personal touch and 24*7 active presence is a going mandatory factor for all brands. Big Data & Artificial Intelligence makes this easier!

Palettes Digital is a 360 degree branding agency which majorly embarks on Analytics and data intelligence for the improvement of a brand’s digital presence. Founded in 2015, Visakhapatnam-based Palettes is seasoned by a blend of designers, developers, researchers and digital Marketers passionate about solving real world problems with data and intelligence, bringing out next level innovation in brand strategy and marketing. The core team of Palettes includes Anusha Kovvuri, GVS Chaitanya and Sindhu Kovvuri.

Here’s how work at Palettes flows:

1. Research about
a. Development
b. Design
c. Marketing
2. Analytics
3. Feedback
4. Analysis
5. Collaboration
6. Market Research about
a. Technology
b. Data
c. Competitor Analysis
d. User
e. Target Audience
7. Project Kick-off
8. Check-in
9. Plan execution
10. Delivery
11. Support

In an interaction with Sujata Sangwan of BW Disrupt, GVS Chaitanya, Founder, Palattes Digital, shares his startup's journey.

What are the unique key points of your company?

Apart from our unique way of approach to client’s online branding issues, we as a branding agency never limit our ways to the already existing and vastly used platforms for transforming our clients into a brands that they want it to be. From usage of Chatbots to create more personalized online conversations for the client to helping the client’s device an offline branding strategy which goes in line with the online one, we as an agency believe in the existence of infinite limits when it comes to dependency on technology and creativity for better brand establishment.

How are you different from the existing competitors?

Unlike most traditional branding agencies that give utmost importance to the execution part, Palettes gives equal important to pre-planning and execution. We embark upon our intelligent decision algorithm before planning upon a client’s branding strategy. Various factors like spam quotient, user interests, value information, user influence, linguistic signatures and user reputation are taken into consideration before finalizing on data decisions of every aspect of their digital branding. The vast data available about every sector is used efficiently by the research team before planning upon the route and strategy that’ll be followed by the brand online.

What is the funding status and monetization model?

This being a business that majorly requires a few laptops and active brains needed least fund to kick start. As the number of clients started rising up, the revenues also arose and so did the expenses. As of the now the company is working on a self-funded model and a part of the revenue is being used on a regular basis to market ourselves and reach a broader market.

What are the traction details?

The client’s success is our success! Here are a few of the instances of tractions that made us extremely happy. Improving the digital presence of online flower portal, we’ve brought the client to the first page of Google search for most keywords within three months. The client currently receives a traction of more than 6000 orders per month. We are aiming to make it 50,000 in the next quarter. We’ve also helped Snackit, a snack vending machine provider reach the first 5 in Google search for all relevant keywords with a commendable digital presence. With our digital support,, a hostel and PG aggregator has received upto 1500 visits per day.

How do you look at expansion?

During the past 2 years, we’ve worked with a lot of student experts from our alma mater, GVP and GITAM. During this time-period we realized that the market for a few of branding services is vastly unexplored and over-burdened on very few. We would like to close out this vacancy by expanding Palettes into a medium between providers of various technology services that aren’t offered by our agency and the parties with requirement. This in our words would be a specialized and simplified Freelancer for all Customized technology services, the beta phase for this would be out by end of March.

What is the market size and opportunity?

As per recent studies, India itself has about 244 million smartphone users. In this scenario, there can’t be a better medium for firms to reach audience than digital media. Digital branding and PR has grown vastly in the past decade with all bigger brands and celebrities choosing social media as the major bridge between themselves and audience. But yet, there is a lot of scope still untouched in this market. Creation of customized brand connection and personification of the brand can make brands memorable - from the client’s perspective and client management easier – from the firm’s perspective. This area hasn’t been touched yet by most branding agencies around the world and we believe this would be the future of brand marketing!

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