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POSITIVE Receives $200,000 Seed Funding From CanQbate50

The company’s aims at providing the customers with more and more plant-based solutions for their problems

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Delhi-based Donna FMCG  has raised $200,000 in a seed funding round from CanQbate50. Positive aims at providing healthy , plant based, natural solutions for all skin, hair and bodily woes of the customers.

A company started by young visionaries, Akshay and Tanisha, who believe the consumer should be provided with products packed with the “Goodness of Nature” which actually provide them with solutions.

Launched this year Donna FMCG believes in “Apply What You Eat” for a better and healthier Way of Living. They believe that the body needs nutritions too and thus whatever natural ingredients one can consume, can be applied on their body as well. The brand is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through their products. Their current products are namely Onion Oil, Kalonji Oil and Castor Oil which have been derived from all-natural, high quality natural ingredients. They are 100% plant based and known to support and bring relief to the various personal care issues like acne, hair fall etc faced by the customers.

The idea of the start-up with the personal need when Tanisha herself faced hair fall after using various chemical laden products available in the market. They together worked and introduced a plant based solution for Tanisha.That is when Positive was launched- with the vision to revolutionise the personal care industry with natural ingredients based skin/hair care products. All the ingredients used in the current products are approved by the Drugs and Cosmetics Department of India and have been through stringent tests to ensure sustainability and quality.
The company’s aims at providing the customers with more and more plant-based solutions for their problems. The aim is to be a symbol of purity for every customer’s needs and wants.
 Donna FMCG aims to build a revenue of 300 cr in the next 3 years and build an effective roadmap for our brand to reach the idea of ‘har ghar positive’ subject to our funding rounds.
They consider their customers as their key innovators and thus they plan to build a community out of their customers calling it #PositiveFam. The company believes the consumer must have a say in what they want and what their problems are, they don’t want to generally produce products and launch them in the market, the objective is to understand the customer needs and provide them with appropriate solutions.

Some of the healthy product options available in the market at the moment are:
Onion Oil – Onion oil is basically used to nourish hair follicles and restore nutrients into the hair. It also promotes hair growth, increases volume, strength, and minimizes breakage; thanks to the rich Sulphur content in the oil. Red onion oil is a mega source of Sulphur and is an important component of Amino Acids found in Keratin. For best results it is advised to apply 2-3 times a week.  The brand is dedicated to beautiful, long, bouncy, and shiny tresses that help us leave the first and last impression.

Kalonji Oil – Kalonji Oil is a multipurpose product that helps in boosting Hair Growth, relieving regular pains, moisturizing the scalp, Skin, and keeping your overall wellness. The oil comes in a spill proof packaging, it is 100% Natural and pure. It is extracted by cold-pressing method, this procedure ensures the potency of the oil and remains intact. Kalonji seeds are extracted from an annual seasoning plant with blue flowers.

Castor Oil – Castor Oil boosts Hair Growth, eyelash growth, eyebrows growth, moisturizes and Nourishes Hair and Skin quality. The Positive root therapy plus-ultra high potency castor oil for hair, is enriched with the goodness of castor seeds extracts and works as an active ingredient in the process of hair building. This oil for hair, is a miracle oil for hair and hair fall control when it comes to deeply penetrating into the hair follicles and makes sure that the rich content of this oil for hair nourishment for men, is absorbed properly.

Positive is 100% pure, Natural, Vegetarian, and Hexane Free and dermatologically tested. With no added chemicals , these products are great options to a healthy living instead of chemical laden products available in the market, at reasonable prices and online.

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