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Over 2100 Swiggy Delivery Partners Benefit From Counselling Service Offered

Therapy sessions offered through the ‘ePsyclinic helpline’ is another initiative by Swiggy to support the all-round wellness of delivery partners.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheavals across many aspects of our daily lives and despite experiencing similar and greater challenges, frontline workers have kept essential systems going for the greater good. Recognizing a crucial need for a support system to assist delivery partners with psychological wellness, Swiggy has partnered with ePsyclinic to provide on-call counselling services to its delivery partners via a hotline number. The helpline was activated 15 days ago and has already come to the aid of over 2100 Swiggy delivery partners, often at crucial junctures, to help them cope with various challenges through guided therapy sessions. Continuing to work in the current environment is complex and it is imperative to consider the mental wellbeing of the delivery partners.

An impact report on the counselling sessions indicated that the delivery partners sought assistance for various issues such as anxiety around the uncertainty of the future, physical health, finances, career, struggle in relation to balancing different aspects of life and issues in personal relationships. About 20% of the delivery partners opted for recurring therapy sessions and have been greatly benefited in managing difficult life situations. They have reported that the counselling sessions have helped them cope better with daily challenges of the ‘new normal’, made them feel more hopeful of the future, boosted their motivation, helped them develop a more positive self-image, and navigate personal relationships with greater ease.

For instance, Farhad (name changed), a Swiggy delivery partner, reaches out to the ePsyclinic helpline daily. He sought help for depression and nightmares that he experienced recently after losing his father. The bereavement had caused him to lose hope and he found himself unable to carry out his daily duties. After a few difficult sessions and 11 days of regularly reaching out to the helpline, Farhad experienced an internal shift and has started developing a positive outlook towards his career, supporting his mother through this tough phase and says he is hopeful of having his own family someday. Farhad is incredibly grateful for the helpline being made available to him and mentions that without this option he may have never sought help.

Another Swiggy delivery partner, Shambhu (name changed), suffered from extreme anxiety around his future and particularly his education. He was happy that the part-time work opportunity with Swiggy allowed him to fund his education, but he was finding it difficult to concentrate while studying. The therapist at ePsyclinic helped him alleviate his anxiety by setting things in perspective and assisted him to set up and follow a daily schedule.  After 7 therapy sessions, Shambhu has reported that he has been studying for over 5 hours every day. He feels less anxious and is consequently able to direct his focus on the present.

Speaking about the initiative, Rajesh Nair, VP - Operations, Swiggy, said, “Towards the end of March, Swiggy set up a ‘Swiggy Hunger Savior COVID Relief Fund’ that is being utilized to provide delivery partners with financial security through Income-Protection Insurance and support with medical expenses that go beyond existing medical insurance coverage. With financial and physical wellness covered, the counselling helpline initiative with the help of ‘ePsyclinic helpline’ has fulfilled Swiggy’s aim to provide all-round wellness benefits to delivery partners during these difficult times. We are touched by the feedback received from delivery partners on the positive impact it has had on them, and we will keep this going in support of our frontline heroes.”

Speaking on the partnership, Shipra Dawar, Founder of ePsyclinic by IWill, said, “Swiggy was one of the first startups to understand the importance of mental wellness for its large delivery partner base during the times of this pandemic and taking up the initiative to provide 24*7 high-quality counselling support for its delivery partners with a lot of passion. ePsyclinic backed by ACT grants has already helped over 2100 delivery partners of Swiggy fight depressive thoughts, anxiety, and deal with personal issues. Addressing mental health issues is the need of the hour and Swiggy’s leadership has been ahead of the curve in acknowledging this and addressing the same. Together with Swiggy, in the forthcoming months, we hope to reach a large base of Swiggy delivery partners and their families to ensure that they receive continued access to high-quality counselling services totally free of cost.

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