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Mr. Ashish Bhakuni

Head of marketing , Adda52Rummy

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Online Gaming Platforms Wooing the Millennials

Millennials are absolute fanatics about games and with innumerable platforms and devices available today, games are more accessible than ever.

Online gaming industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over a period and the trend is not expected to settle anytime soon. The real opportunity in online gaming clearly lies with millennials and Gen Z. The gaming platforms are targeting the millennials and coming up with innovative patterns and ideas that would woo them.

Millennials are the first generation to grow with widespread access to video games and PC games. However, their gaming pattern has seen a clear shift to online gaming in the last couple of years. Millennials are absolute fanatics about games and with innumerable platforms and devices available today, games are more accessible than ever.

Delivering Experience to Millennials

It is an established fact that millennials value experiences more than anything else. Brands are aware that millennial gamers cannot be satisfied with value exchange alone, for say, perks like in-game unlockables. Therefore, they give key importance to aspects of daily gaming to attract millennials, for instance, providing ways group of friends communicate online while playing. 

Influence of Sports Personalities

Brands are collaborating with famous sports personalities to endorse their online gaming platforms thus encouraging millennials to take a turn from spectators to stakeholders. It all began to undo the perception that online gaming is equivalent to betting. Sportspersons, as brand ambassadors, attract millennials because of the huge fan base and create a positive reputation for online gaming platforms. 

Stress Buster

For millennials, nothing gets rid of stress better than an exciting online game at the end of a hectic day. The in-game short term rewards give long term satisfaction to millennials which leads to a relaxed and more active state of mind. Gaming is proven to prevent lifestyle diseases like anxiety and depression that are common in millennials. 

Millennials Love to Socialise and Online Gaming Brands Know That Well

Online games are not only a source of fun and entertainment but also a great way to socialise. Online interaction with other players has become a common form of socialisation for millennials. This is subsequently benefitting brands who are coming up with newer versions of clans and community driven activities in games to strengthen social bonds. Thanks to the widespread and easy access to internet, communicating with people world over via multiplayer games is now easier than ever.

Wide Variety with New Technology

A wide variety of online games are available today which offers personalised experience, career opportunities and also, opportunities to earn while playing to millennials. The influx of ever-evolving technology and attractive features act as a cherry on the top. New age technology and increasing variety of games hold a bright future for online gaming industry.

Summing it All Up

The new age of gaming is right in front of us. Experts believe that online gaming industry, a billion-dollar market, will continue to experience an accelerated growth, majorly driven by millennials. With huge sums of money pouring into the industry, it is poised to be the most dominant form of entertainment.

Technological advancements infused with immersive experiences and digitisation hold a vast prospect of growth for the industry. 

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