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OhLook Aims to Become a One-Stop Destination for All of Men’s Fashion and Grooming Needs is the subscription-based fashion rental service for men available today that lets them wear a different shirt every single day from top brands and latest trends.

Today, everyone understands the importance and need of being fashionable. There is no denying that looking dapper and smart does make a lot of difference in all walks of life today. Be it getting that right swipe on Tinder to landing that dream job or to getting noticed by your boss for the next promotion. However, it is not easy being fashionable every day. You’d have to have a large wardrobe and stay in-line with latest trends, which could be a little challenging when your wallet is thinner than your smartphone. 

It is then, was born. A service, that’s like your best friend, only who never gets tired of lending you his clothes. is the subscription-based fashion rental service for men available today that lets them wear a different shirt every single day from top brands and latest trends.

Apart from the luxury of having an unlimited wardrobe, OhLook’s customers are also freed from the hassles of washing and ironing. All of this at just a price of 2,000 per month, which is probably lesser than the amount one would spend on buying 1 branded shirt.’s artificial intelligent technology, built using the expertise of multiple stylists understands what shirts would look good on which customers based on their personality and style preferences. It then auto-picks shirts for the customer, making sure that they love every shirt they get without having to wear it twice.

Hyderabad-based OhLook was launched in July 2016. It was founded by two brothers Arshad Azad and Armaan Azaad and their friend Veera Shekar. Arshad has 6 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Creative Writing, while Armaan is a born marketer, with experience in Ad Film Making and Business Development. Veera flaunts 12 years of experience in Inventory Planning, Project Management and 6 Six Sigma implementation.

In an interaction with Sujata Sangwan of BWDisrupt, OhLook’s Founders shared details about their venture.

How many shirts’ brands are available on your website? Names a few..

Currently’s wardrobe flaunts over shirts from over top 25 brands in the country. Our wardrobe includes UCB, Levi’s, Pepe Jeans, Allen Solly, Wrangler, Lee, Louis Philippe, Zara, Van Heusen, Killer, Indigo Nation, Scullers, Raymond, Arrow and Flying Machine, among a lot more.

What is the starting rental price for a single shirt?

Renting a shirt every time may be tiring; hence we allow our customers to sign-up for one whole month at just 2,500, where-in they’d be receiving 20 shirts. Additionally, customers can sign-up for 6 months, for just 9,000, giving them access to 120 different and branded shirts.

Tell us about the dynamics of the subscription-based model and how the company plans to disrupt the fashion rental ecosystem?

With OhLook we aim to address one big challenge faced by Men’s fashion. In contrast to women, men are slower adopting new fashion and hence, brands aren’t experimenting significantly with male fashion.

Why are men slower adopters, you ask!?

Well, the cost of me trying that new floral design shirt is 2,500. I am unsure if it suits me and I certainly can’t afford a stylist for every purchase. What if I buy it and my girlfriend doesn’t like it; what if my boss hates it and stalls my promotion. The risk is high, and hence I end up buying a blue shirt, similar to the one I have been wearing for years now. With OhLook that isn’t a problem anymore. Customer would receive a new shirt everyday all hand-picked by stylists, for him. Worst case, even if the boss dislikes one of the shirts, he would not see that again, as an OhLook customer will never wear the same shirt twice.

Men adopting fashion as it is made available, will prompt designers around, to experiment with it and thus bringing more variety in Men’s fashion too.
How do you look at expansion?

We are expanding our service to Bangalore and Delhi by end of this year. Going further, we are looking at on-boarding international luxury brands and celebrated designers. Additional to the subscription model, we aim to launch on-demand services for renting luxury, ethnic and party wear.

Share your company’s plans for the coming 5 years..

We started OhLook with a vision. A vision to change how men’s fashion works in India. Men have been stereotyped to be less fashionable. We want to change this by ensuring every man on the street, office and pubs, looks the very best every single day of his life. In 5 years, we want to be present in 10 cities and become a one-stop destination for all of men’s fashion and grooming needs. And we take pride in saying, we believe we are accelerating in that direction very swiftly and steadily.

What is your target group?

Every man, who wants to look the fashionable best every day and is limited by time is our target customer. However, initially, we are targeting young professionals in Tier-I cities in India aged between 21-29 from mid-income group. We have begun creating our marketing campaigns and plans targeting IT professionals, post which, we will target other professionals.

How has been the customers’ responses so far? has been successful in attracting the attention of people, especially from those from the IT industry, in Hyderabad. A simple post in a start-up group about our value proposition spread like wild fire, bringing in over 1,500 unique visitors and 30 orders that single day. created buzz on social media and within weeks we reached 10,000 likes on our Facebook page. Today, we have over 350 orders in less than 4 months with not even a single penny being spent on marketing. Word-of-mouth did the trick for us.

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