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OBOPAY Expands Its Fintech Services to Latin America with GoRed Tie-up

Becomes a pioneer in offering end-to-end digital payment solutions to Mexico based companies, none of the existing firms in the region offers such services

Shailendra Naidu, CEO, OBOPAY

Aiming to enhance its international footprint and to provide end-to-end digital solutions to the users, OBOPAY, the global mobile payment solutions company, has announced a strategic deal with GoRed – a fintech firm based in Mexico. Expanding its fintech services for the first time ever to Latin America and to become a transaction switch for the region, OBOPAY will provide its “Evolys” payment platform to “GoRed”. As a part of the agreement, OBOPAY will manage end-to-end digital payment solutions for “GoRed” including bill pay services, micropayments, P2P, cash in, cash out, remittance, card acceptance, NFC payment capability etc.    

“GoRed” is a Fintech company based in Mexico that offers products and services through a network of affiliated merchants and interconnected users in a digital ecosystem. Under the deal, OBOPAY’s Evolys platform will handle large transaction volume requirements of GoRed to help the company in achieving better cost-to-service ratios.      

None of the existing Fintech companies in Mexico delivers the services provided by OBOPAY under the deal. Ever since the inception of “GoRed” in 2016, the company has built over a few thousand direct agent locations “mom & pop stores” through a selection process across several states. These act as micro ATMs and payment centers.       

Mexico is one of the strategic markets with a population of 112.8 million according to the World Bank, of which approximately 60% is under the age of 25. Current Fintech companies present in the region either offer top ups & bill pay or/and are just aggregators and no single company has been able to cover all the payment solution needs. Considering such scenario, OBOPAY is aptly leveraging its payment platform to solve some of the digital solution needs of enterprises operating in the area.

Post utilizing OBOPAY’s services, Go Red, will be the first in the region to provide end to end solution from bill pay services, micropayments, P2P, Cash in, Cash Out, remittance, card acceptance, NFC payment capability etc.

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