Nexus Venture Partners Invests In ZincSearch

Zinc is built on the premise that setting up and running a search engine should not require countless valuable manhours

ZincSearch, the company redefining search engine technology, today announced a $3.6M seed funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners with participation from Dell Technologies Capital, Secure Octane, Cardinia Ventures and technology leaders including Anand Babu Periasamy, Balaji Parimi, Rob Skillington, Anshu Sharma, Luke Kim, Awais Nemat, Dan Pinto, and Alex Gallegos. Abhishek Sharma, managing director at Nexus Venture Partners, will also join the ZincSearch Board of Directors.

Unstructured data is an incredibly valuable business asset. However as organizations experience massive influxes of unstructured data from disparate sources, extracting full value from their data becomes more difficult. Zinc, a next generation, private search engine from ZincSearch, brings order to the chaos, enabling organizations to quickly and effectively query their datasets and extract actionable insight.

“Almost every company that I have talked to, have complained to me about their log storage complexity and cost.” said Prabhat Sharma, founder, ZincSearch. “With ELK stack on one side and expensive hosted solutions - majority of them with Elasticsearch underneath - on other side, we needed a modern easy to use and cost effective solution that solves the problem in an elegant way. ZincSearch provides a modern search platform that alleviates the log search and analytics problem.” 

Initially an open source project on GitHub, Zinc has amassed more than 7,900 GitHub stars  in just five months, making it one of the fastest-growing open source enterprise projects of the last 12-months.

Zinc is built on the premise that setting up and running a search engine should not require countless valuable man hours. A modern search engine should be lightweight and not consume exorbitant resources, limiting costs and ensuring peak performance. Zinc deploys in under two minutes on a server or laptop via a single, binary executable with no dependencies. Zinc is built on a modern technology stack of Go and VueJS that allow for fast development through rapid iteration, and easy operations along with low resource utilization for users. Zinc also has much lower resource requirements compared to its competitors.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Prabhat,'' said Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners. “Machine-generated data volumes are exploding. There are growing complaints that current log search solutions are complex and bloated. Their pricing is misaligned with value. Developers are in dire need of a powerful log search solution that’s easy to set up, fast time to value, cost-efficient, and scalable. We believe ZincSearch can become a game-changer here.” 

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