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Next Big in Indian Market – TalkCharge Trending Affiliate Marketplace

The affiliate marketing industry is going through a transformation using the concept of Cashback, and the change is being brought up by TalkCharge.

Next Big in Indian Market – TalkCharge Trending Affiliate Marketplace
Next Big in Indian Market – TalkCharge Trending Affiliate Marketplace

When e-commerce is flourishing in India and everything today is simply a click away, everybody is reluctant to exit for petty needs. While some still believe the irreplaceable joy of shopping and grabbing a fast bite in between, nobody can deny the charm of exciting offers available online. Starting from BOGO (buy one get one) offers to discount coupons, e-commerce has led to savings and customer satisfaction, making online shopping unquestionably lucrative within the Indian market.

One such concept that has revolutionised the sector is affiliate marketing, wherein one refers someone to any online product. When a consumer buys this product on the basis of the given recommendation, then the person who has referred him receives a commission. This commission could vary from Re 1 to Rs 10, 000, on the basis of the type of product which has been referred.

However, affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. The first affiliate marketing program was known as PC Flowers & Gifts on Prodigy network which was started in 1989, and founded by William J. Tobin.

In India, companies like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, and Swiggy are making the best out of affiliate marketing. For instance, in Flipkart’s case, an Affiliate can earn by inserting product banners or links on their website and redirect customers to Flipkart website. Affiliate can earn up to 15% whenever a sales is generated, wherein an affiliate could be a company or a person who promotes the products or services of merchant website through their own website by publishing ads and providing links.

Online food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy also makes money in the form of affiliate income by referring credit cards to its customers. The company has partnered with American Express, Citibank, ICICI bank, HSBC, etc. to sell their credit cards to the customers. Customers can see the credit cards offers on the order tracking screen.

Now the affiliate marketing industry is going through a transformation using the concept of Cashback, and the change is being brought up by TalkCharge. In 1986, the introduction of rewards on shopping via MasterCard marked the commencement of the concept of Cashback. The idea was to retain the purchasers by prompting them back to buy again, as users/shoppers were entitled to use their cashback in future. TalkCharge has merged the two marketing options to provide its users a hassle-free experience in online buying.

TalkCharge works in an easy and transparent manner and buyers can avail the services in a few simple steps. After login into TalkCharge’s website, buyers can browse through wide-ranging brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and so on. TalkCharge suggests different deals, discounts and other offers specific to brands, and once the buyer activates his/ her choice they will be redirected to the chosen brand and can go on an online shopping spree.

What make TalkCharge different from others, in the field, are its swiftness as well as its innovativeness. Not only the cashback get traced in TalkCharge’s wallet in 72 hours, it acts like real money. This means that the same can be utilised for bill payments, buying gift cards, etc., or can even be transferred to a bank account. Moreover, there is no minimum value for using cashback.

USP of TalkCharge By COO:

According to Shivani Maheshwari “Affiliate Marketing is a big boon to the Indian economy and Online buyers who always look to save on every purchase they make. As this marketplace gives them the opportunity to earn cashback on the smallest of purchase they make. People are loving this model because we don’t limit them to use any particular brand or merchant or even the value of the merchandise. They can just buy anything from anywhere using any payment mode, and can even then expect good cashback!”  

Some Great Tips from TalkCharge Founder:

Ankush Katiyar says “Since the cashback you get is real money from TalkCharge, you can redeem it as however you want! TalkCharge gives you all great options from using your cashback to make Recharges, Paying Bills or Buy GiftCards, at the same time we let our user the cashback amount to their own Bank Accounts!”


Founded in 2015, TalkCharge is the brain-child of an engineer from Lovely Professional University. He saw great potential in digital transactions at the nascent age of 18 years, and his fascination towards affiliate model led to the birth of TalkCharge.

In a country like India where, as per estimation, the number of digital buyers is going to stand at approximately 330 billion in 2020, startups like TalkCharge are adding new reasons to join and explore online shopping bandwagon.

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