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Lubeina Shahpurwala

The author is a Co-Founder of Mustang Socks and Accessories and also the Vice Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Mumbai Chapter.

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Nature-Driven Elements for Successful Woman Entrepreneurship

Women are an embodiment of the elements of nature – air, fire, water and earth.

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We are living in an ever evolving society, where change is considered to be the only constant and the world demands change. With this, the role of women in the society is also gradually changing. Women have emerged to be stronger individuals with brilliant specifics backing them. Facts and figures from around the world state that women-run enterprises are gaining momentum. A case in point, being the National Association of Women Business owners stating, “9.1 million women owned businesses nationwide, employing 7.9 million employees.”

The rise in the number of women entrepreneurs can be attributed to several reasons. Indian women have set benchmarks as well as inspiration for fellow women in the country. The spirit is only mounting high, giving rise to many budding entrepreneurs.

Women are an embodiment of the elements of nature – air, fire, water and earth. Each one of us has a thumbprint combination of the four. We were born this way.


Water is the principle of holding and fluidity, and it always flows along the path of least resistance. To possess characteristics of water means that the woman is the one putting out the fires in the office, not creating them.

Water not only represents H2O in the body, but it also includes all the liquids and oils inside you. In the mental and emotional realms, water is our ability to express gentleness, compassion and acceptance.

And while water may be passive in its ability to adapt to any container, it is also one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Think of the power of a crashing large wave, a breaking flood levy, or the healing power of a hot bath, and you’ll understand water’s immense strength and capacity.


The world’s earthy women are like mountains. They embody solidity and appear as a pillar of support. While being grounded on one side, she is ambitious and has the ability to reach greater heights in life. She is unmoving in her integrity, firm in her beliefs and has bigger vision in life.


Air has the characteristics of being dynamic, changeable. Hence, the artistic and creative woman can relate to the element of air. She can easily fit into the numerous roles of the industry, choose profession of her desire and prove her calibre at any given point.

We often underestimate a storm coming in, because air cannot be seen. The potential and the ability of women too tend to be unseen at times; however, her power is sure to be felt by the ones who deal with her.


A woman with a fire personality would mean that she is warm and bright and draws people to her and melts their hearts. A fire woman is an alchemist: she takes all situations and melts them into whatever will serve her. She can see people and events clearly, definitely the type of girl who is capable of running the show.

To summarize, it is an amalgamation of these traits that can contribute to a woman’s successful entrepreneurship. To proceed and to succeed in an already male cluttered profession, a woman needs to keep her tenderness intact and still be firm in their belief system. It is this oxymoron one must live by.

Success cannot be only measured by the monetary growth of an organization. True success automatically walks in with your ability to value and respect the contribution of your team members, partners, consumers, peers and everyone associated. It is also about your role in bringing a positive change in the lives of all these stakeholders.

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