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Advertisement - A Disruptive Innovation by NIIT, Enters into a Partnership With Buddy4Study

To make latest scholarship opportunities available and accessible to career oriented students – a disruptive innovation by NIIT, has entered into a significant tie-up with Buddy4Study - India’s leading scholarship platform. Under this tie-up select scholarships from Buddy4Study will be displayed on Interested users will be able to search and apply for scholarships relevant to their profile. This is an attempt by to help students who need financial aid to support their education, also this integration will further strengthen’s vision to provide quality education to every digitally connected learner.

Buddy4Study is a scholarship search platform where users can see all the scholarships available in the market. There is also an option to help users to find appropriate scholarships matching their profile. Ranging from latest scholarship opportunities to the processing of the final detailed application, everything can be done in a single click via this web and application based user friendly platform. This is a two-way integration where Buddy4Study will expose its users to courses to help them prepare for various scholarships. is an internet TV portal that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. It is a democratic digital learning initiative, backed by NIIT’s strong Educational Technology framework that was launched in October 2015 with an aim to bring high quality training from its classrooms to every digitally connected learner, for free, at any time, place and language of their choice. The platform has received an overwhelming response with over 639037 registered users from over 175 countries. This has prompted NIIT to go beyond its programs and provide support in other areas of higher education through strategic tie-ups. Going forward, the platform will assist students in exam preparation, career counselling, scholarship search, career related blogs and article etc.

Commenting on this significant tie-up, Mr. Udai Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, NIIT Ltd. said, “We launched with a vision to create a hassle-free education platform for every digitally connected citizen of India, by removing the four constraints of time, space, language and money. Through this significant integration with Buddy4Study, we will now help the students in choosing the right scholarships that will help in their growth and career development.”

Manasvi Singh, Co-Founder, Buddy4Study said, “This tie-up will be beneficial to both and Buddy4Study users. While users will be able to find the right scholarships matching their profiles, Buddy4Study users can seek help to prepare for various scholarships from the platform.”

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, NIIT with the launch of is now committing to extend that experience and expertise to service the needs of India in many other sectors, across the entire social spectrum. With over 200 people working on education-technology, NIIT is the largest EdTech company in the country actively involved in offering technologically advanced learning products and services to its customers.

About Buddy4Study

Buddy4Study is India's largest scholarship network which aims to bring affordable education to students with the help of scholarships, so as to increase their employability & strengthen their life-chances. It acts as a transactional platform which connects scholarship providers with seekers.

With its six years of experience, Buddy4Study has achieved an unparalleled connoisseur in facilitating education through scholarships. Buddy4Study has developed in-house technology and wide promotional partners to offer complete scholarship management system including the launch, promotion and acceptance of online applications; shortlisting, interviewing & selection of scholars; along with fund disbursement in a streamlined, transparent and efficient way.

Buddy4Study has been working with the Government of India, MNC’s, NGOs, Educational Institutions as well as individuals who are keen in providing financial assistance to needy & deserving students. Simultaneously, we work in educating students from different geographies & demographics about scholarships, their availability & successful application.

The USP of Buddy4Study is the excellent blend of ideas on education & implementing artificial intelligence, simplifying the whole process of launching, managing & availing scholarships, with minimal side cost and maximum social impact.

The purpose has no meaning unless it meets its end. Therefore, to gauge the impact of our scholarships on student's lives, we have Scholar Tracking System which enables scholarship funders to connect and monitor the growth of all their scholars over a period of 3 to 5 years. Every student’s online profile is interconnected with funder’s dashboard. They can interact via online chat box, SMS/Emails and live mentoring video sessions.

This way the bond between the corporation & the scholars thereof shall strengthen even more. Because the scholars chosen thereby shall be excellently meritorious & needy students, they can be later picked by your corporation for internships or job offers too. This shall create a rather long term mentor-mentee relationship and originate a long-lasting fidelity.

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