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Meet The 5 Israeli Startups

ZutaLabs makes a tiny palm-sized printer. It is a walking printer. If put it on a piece of paper and it walks across the paper, printing words as it goes.

Tel Aviv, Israel's capital city is a technological and economic hub, also home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate offices, and R&D centres. The country is known for its cyber security efforts with startups like CyActive, SecBi, Checkmarx, Dome 9, and Cybereason among others. It ranks number five in the top 20 global startup ecosystems in the world.

In 2015, the country saw the total number of new startups rise to 1,400, of which about 373 companies raised around $3.58 billion (as per GeekTime report, they count only rounds that are above $500,000) and 69 companies that were sold for the total sum of $5.41 billion.

Top startup categories in the country include Cyber Security, Technology, eCommerce and Social Media. Here is a list of startups that especially caught our attention with their brilliant work and ideas.

Startup Name : Iron Source

Founding Year : 2011

Founder Name : Tomer Bar-Zeev

Description : IronSource is a company which build the discovery tools for the app developers. There solution helps the industry in leading the companies in achieving the great success in business. It empower mobile and digital business to do better. It is a private company which builds monetization, analytics, advertisers and mobile carriers. IronSource is the company behind brands such as MobileCore and MediaCore. The main product of IronSource and SDK (software Development kit) for the creation of web based software installers with an integrated download manager and advertising component.

Startup Name : OurCrowd

Founding Year : 2013

Founder Name : Jon Medved

Description : It is a new initiative in the technologies era. OurCrowd is a professional team is comprised of entrepreneur, venture capitalists, investors, and they are passionate about selecting the biggest ideas being developed by the top startups in Israel and beyond. OurCrowd is building a much needed new venture capital strategy for providing adequate and efficient capital. The company will offer its members the services and management of a venture capital which is organized together with the flexibility and choice of angel investing.

Startup Name : SimilarWeb

Founder Name : Nir Cohen

Founding Year : 2007

Description : SimilarWeb is another near unicorn. Its work is measuring the websites and apps. It passion is to overtake Alexa as the most popular service for analyzing web traffic. The company was launched to research the competition.

Here are some products of the company :

SimilarWeb : Free Traffic Analysis & Market Research Tool

SimilarWeb PRO : Advanced Website Traffic Comparison Tool

Startup Name : Zutalabs

Founders Name : Matan Caspi and Tuvia Elbaum

Founding Year : 2014

Description : ZutaLabs makes a tiny palm-sized printer. It is a walking printer. If put it on a piece of paper and it walks across the paper, printing words as it goes. This year the printer will be on sale “with one of the leading retailers in the world.

ZutaLabs is a young and dynamic team of passionate people, looking to make a dent in the universe. Rather than having a giant printer with internal mechanisms and a pulley system to drag the print head across a sheet of paper, Zuta’s solution rolls itself across the top of a sheet of paper.

Startup Name : TestFairy

Founder Name :
Gil Megidish

Founding Year : 2013

Description : It's a app testing with video feedback. TestFairy helps mobile companies test their apps by providing developers with video that show them what exactly happened on the app during tests. This company offers a free service for independent developers and a paid service for companies.

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