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Meet 8 Startups Creating a Buzz in Pink City

Urban Dhobi is an on demand laundry startup in Jaipur. The startup is trying to create standard in terms of enhancing the quality of washing in India.

India is very well known for its smart brain, intellectual thinking and multi-skilled individuals. The startup ecosystem is thriving and has reached the traditional purview, Jaipur, which has now became the favorite destination for investors and venture capitalists. This city is actually filled with enthusiastic people and brimming youngsters who are introducing brilliant new concepts in the latest domain of technology, eCommerce, mobile apps and social welfare along with a lot more. Amidst the growing government interest in encouraging the new concepts introduced by the various startups in India, Jaipur, our very own Pink City is emerging as the new hub with its main motive plan to develop as one of the first 20 “smart cities of India ”.

Here is a list of eight such promising startups based in Jaipur to watch in 2016.


FOUNDERS :- Vivek Pathak (CEO), Sharad bansal (CMO), Om Prakash (COO), Kapil Arya (CTO)

FOUNDED IN :- 2014

DESCRIPTION :- SRJNA is a hybrid education model using real & virtual teaching techniques to impart 5D classroom experiential learning and smart online assessment platform with deep analytics and researches for K-10 student, parents and teachers. SRJNA believes that 'True learning comes only when it's being experienced well', to ensure the same concept to be followed by the rest, SRJNA continuously build teaching aids, methodologies and techniques that are provided to the concerned associated schools. SRJNA, a brand of Elation Edtech Pvt Ltd, Initiated by four alumni of IITs and XLRI is now a team of 15 enthusiastic people who are working very hard to create a disruptive change in school education.

TRACTION :- Within 6 months of their first official product launch in Jaipur, The startup has already received customer validation in the form of projects done for two of Jaipur’s reputed schools namely Maharani Gayatri Devi school and The Palace School with annual revenues of over USD 50,000, Approved and Recommended by IITs, IIM and XLRI Jamshedpur, Srjna reached out to 30,000 students in past 10 months via Demos and also qualified for multiple competitions like

1. Part of top 20 startups selected (out of 1913) in CIIE-Pune Based Accelerator Program of “Innovate for Digital India Challenge” an initiative by Govt. of India.

2. Ranked 2nd in ‘Top 6 innovator award’ (Trending Startups) by IIT Delhi Alumni Association

3. Among top 10 Education startups in StartEdu 1A by Unitus Seed Funds

4. Bagged 1st Prize in „Tech4Raj‟ by TIE Rajasthan & Startup Oasis.

5. Won Rs. 1,00,000 Seed Money Competition by Venture Lab- Thapar


FOUNDERS :- Nitin jain , Ankit Jain , Khushbu Mathur

FOUNDED IN :- 20th MARCH 2013

DESCRIPTION :- Indibni is a multipurpose design house which specialises in gifting products and branding services. Indibni picks various new emotions and design new innovative gifts for all special events of one’s lifetime. They have made the gifting experience so unique, classy and memorable that both the sender and the receiver cherish it. So in short, Indibni is making relations beautiful by innovating storytelling, designing fanatics to the ones without whom life is totally incomplete.

Whether it is posters, brands, graphics, products, souvenirs, photos, graffiti, films, identities, animation, interiors you just name it and INDIBNI has all under its roof.

TRACTION :- Indibni’s most of ready to buy products are ranged between Rs.150-1500 per piece and buyers are youngsters aged 13-30, living mostly in Indian metro cities. It has processed orders from over 50+ cities in India.


Sagar Agrawal, Sahil Agrawal

FOUNDED IN :- 3rd JULY 2015

DESCRIPTION :- HippoCabs is an intercity one way cab service in which a customer has to pay only for the distance travelled and not for the return journey.Looking at the current scenario where people use buses, though priced reasonably well but takes too much of a travel time. So in order to mitigate the meticulous and time killing rides, Hippo Cabs came up in the market with an aim of providing comfortable, luxurious travel at an affordable price, similar to that of a bus ticket. The company itself does not own any cabs, it pays the driver a fixed amount on per-trip basis and charges customers for their seat.

TRACTION :- The startup is getting a very warm response from the customers till date. In the very early 18 days of its inauguration, around 1000 users were connected and were happy with the company's response. Hippo cabs has been widely covered by the various media channels like economic times, Dainik Bhaskar, YourStory and more. There are around 4000 registered users and is growing at more than 30% rate per month.


FOUNDERS :- Amit Deep Kumar, Naman Goswami and Sunil Awasthi

FOUNDED IN :- 2015

DESCRIPTION :- KhanaGaDI offers simple , reasonable and specific food delivery across india for train passengers, who are actually looking for good quality and hygienic food during their train journey, the food is provided right at the passenger's seat using powerful operating procedures and technological framework. It provides wide mixture of pre - portioned meals and Ala - Carte menu to its customers at around 105 stations and more than 6000 trains .

TRACTION :- The only target of KhanaGaDi is to serve more than 1000 meals every day on more than 300 stations in the year 2016 and has also scheduled and planned various food delivery modes in urban areas in which R&D is in progress.

STARTUP NAME :- Blue Box Media

FOUNDERS :- Pawas Jain, Deepanshu Khandelwal

FOUNDED IN :- 2014

DESCRIPTION :- It is a media startup focused on digitization, laying itself entirely upon India’s digital scenario.They own 4 popular media properties and are ideating to strive towards building more. In short it is a new age Media House, for the new age India.



FOUNDERS :-  Ankit Jain & Animesh Tanwar

FOUNDED IN :- 2015

DESCRIPTION :- Many a times it is noticed that carrying keys has created a lot of problem, sometimes people lose key or forget where they left it. Awakey has solved all such problems , it has became world’s most reliable smart lock that can be used everywhere. Awakey works on bluetooth and is simply controlled by smartphones. it is used in homes & offices as access control & attendance management system and at hotel for keyless check ins. So now there is no requirement of manual insertion of keys.

TRACTION :- Awakey was picked among 15 startups by catapooolt to pitch at crowdfunding event held at Gurgaon. They were also covered in RAJASTHAN STARTUP FEST , PITCH CITY BY HEADSTAT. The company is supported by the LOCK COMPANY JAINSON, in the field of infrastructure and research to take the idea ahead.


FOUNDERS :- Madhup Bansal , Gaurav Mundra

FOUNDED IN :- 2014

DESCRIPTION :- myly is a cloud based communication and transaction platform that bridges a gap between schools and parents. Myly podium enables integration of various ‘value added technology solutions ‘ for schools. This app fills the gap by bringing convenience in exchanging information, communicating and transacting in a secure environment. By doing all this MYLY not only fulfills the ‘ educational institutions ‘ need for an easy , expandable and economical solution but also provides satisfaction and a sense of relief in the mind of the parents.

TRACTION :- Raised (about INR 67 lakh) in a seed round funding from Newbie Promoter Private Limited.Best Technology Enabled Learning Platform at World Education Summit 2016, Dubai.

STARTUP NAME :- Urban Dhobi

FOUNDERS :- Satyam Mishra, Pakhar Pagaria, Tushar Thettayil, Saransh Sidhu

FOUNDED IN :- 1st JULY 2015

Urban Dhobi is an on demand laundry startup in Jaipur. The startup is trying to create standard in terms of enhancing the quality of washing in India. The company works in a well scheduled way :- it first picks up clothes on the pre formed time slot of the user and then delivers back in just 48 hours. All the clothes are washed separately of a particular user and don't mix it with someone else , thus maintaining levels of hygiene while washing.

TRACTION :- Urban Dhobi were formulated by STARTUP OASIS. They raised angel round of funding from MR. VINOD BANSAL & MR. SANJEEV SINGHAL in February. The current target which the company is about 3000 garments per day. The company has also finalized the second round of investment and will be sharing the relevant information soon.

So these are the ones, who have started making it BIG! When are you starting?

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