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MedOnGo – Adding ‘Smart’ to Public Healthcare

According to a report by IndiaSpend, it has been revealed that there is a shortage of over 5 lakh doctors in India.


Ever been in a situation where you avoided going to the doctor despite feeling unwell? Or bought an OTC medicine for an assumed illness? MedOnGo, a health technology company, is creating solutions for such public healthcare needs and more. The company uses its unique Cognitive, Artificial Intelligence interface to record, analyse, and diagnose illness to support the health care systems in India. The platform uses a complex multi step process:

1. Record: A patient enters his/her data before the consultation at the healthcare center or using the MedOnGo app/website. The data is recorded and stored which confirms to some of the best standards and practices in the world.

2. Analyse: MedOnGo analyses the inputs and suggests measures such as specific diagnostic tests and helps doctors using its state of the art Clinical Decision Support System.

3. Diagnose: The software draws up likely few medical conclusions based on data collected and presents first round of diagnosis results to doctors. Doctors go through MedOnGo’s data and its diagnosis before drawing up the final diagnosis.

4. Predict :
Our systems are designed to predict diseases at very early stage through Symptom Analysis and Triage program.

MedOnGo, which is India’s first Smart Public Health platform, has seen an impressive response within the first year of its establishment with over 25 lakh consultations completed in a period of nine months.

The Delhi Government and WISH Foundation used MedOnGo’s platform for the Aam Aadmi Mohallah Clinic campaign, which was met with overwhelming positive response from citizens. MedOnGo provided solutions to doctors for managing patient records as well as automating the medicine dispensing process. The company managed to successfully reduce consultation time by 2-3 minutes/patient by readily providing history and first stage of diagnosis. The platform currently manages 10,000 consultations per day across 100 clinics.

According to a report by IndiaSpend, it has been revealed that there is a shortage of over 5 lakh doctors in India. MedOnGo’s platform provides efficient and transparent solutions to counter this challenge:

● The platform reduces time spent on each patient by the doctor by more than 50%
● Presents a summary of client history to doctors, eliminating the need for doctors to ask questions every time
● Assists doctors by detecting likely illness by suggesting first stage of diagnosis
● Enables patients in remote areas to consult with doctors through e-consultation techniques
● Reduces the costs to run a clinic as doctors can consult up to 3 times more patients with the use of the technology

Speaking about the company, Co-Founder Mr.Balaji Krishnammagaru says, “The founding team came across research which showed that one of the major challenges in India is around lack of accessible medical care and inconsistent quality of medical care in different parts of the country. MedOnGo’s vision is to create first line of defence in public health and reduce the burden on secondary and tertiary hospitals. Providing healthcare at the nascent stages of illness before it matures to a disease is vital. We feel that our patent pending technology will help patients get better guidance from doctors and enable a doctor to consult more patients in a day thus reducing the cost of medical consultations.”

“Our team of efficient medical as well as technology experts are extremely competitive, and their passion will ensure that this Smart Public Health Platform reaches the people in need.”

After successfully implementing the Aam Aadmi Mohallah Clinic campaign, Medongo is about to start its project in association with Rajasthan government and has received strong interest from more states and private entities.

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