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Mastiii Zone - Serves Happiness Through Family Entertainment Centers and Multi Dimensional Theaters

Mastiii Zone is a family owned company and currently they are not looking forward to funding.

Founded by Mr R P Maheshwari and Ankur Maheshwary, Mastiii Zone is a chain of FECs (Family Entertainment Centers). The startup currently have 7 centers in Central and Western India and will be expanding in NCR and North. They also have an Indoor Snow Park in Bhopal, and is looking to make more such parks across India.

The idea came to start when the founders saw a void in this industry. Most of the FECs don’t have the latest gaming equipment of the industry. Also, not all cities have good FECs. Mastiii Zone is one of the biggest manufacturers of FEC equipment in India. So the vertical integration looked like a logical move.

The company have special key features like they have games for all ages and genre. People come with family and friends to enjoy. Mastiii Zone has the latest games in the market. From virtual reality to simulators to sports based games. The company upgrades and updates games so frequently that every time the customers come, they find something new in the centers. Hence, they have a high repeat customer visits compared to others.
Mastiii Zone is a family owned company and currently they are not looking forward to funding. However, if someone wants to invest in this industry then the company would work on project based partnership model as well.

The startup has faced many challenges while setting up the business. Main challenge is, unlike patrons in developed nations, customers in India are not so frequent visitors to gaming zones. The spending pattern is on the lower side. Also out of the amusement budget of an individual, movies take the most of the share. With time, as the attractive and new age games are served to customers, the spending pattern will increase in this FEC industry.

The market size of the industry is also increasing day by day. As per the current estimated market size for FECs in India is 2000 cr, which is expected to grow to 2500 cr by 2020 at a CAGR of 17%. Every city has different spending pattern. Metros and bigger cities have higher no of FECs and also higher spending while smaller cities tend to spend less.

Currently, there are 7 full-fledged gaming centres, One Snow Park and 15 standalone small centers. The location can be seen on the website. The company has served to more than 20 lacs customers in all its centres till date.

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