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Ashish Shah

He is the Founder & CEO, Vertoz. It is a leading programmatic company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions.

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Marching Towards A Programmatic IoT

In the near-term future, humans are likely to allow the digital brain to enhance our own decision making

We tend to focus only on the devices where programmatic advertising is flourishing and neglect the fact about the growth towards other devices and platforms. Advancements in digital advertising and the growth of programmatic media across the globe have proven that it’s time to move forward and be a part of every other device that is connected to the internet.

But what could be the possibilities of online programmatic advertising going beyond desktop, laptops and mobile devices?

Some say the future of online advertising is mobile, for others it’s native, but with the great leap and evolution of technology, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, VR boxes, smartwatches and other such devices can be a possible medium for online advertising. The internet is being integrated with every possible device to connect them with each other and make life simpler.

According to researchers, in less than three years from now, there will be 17.6 billion IoT devices worldwide. Smartphones, wearables and other new-generation home gadgets will be connected to the internet. Internet of things is already big and has proven to be highly useful for us in the field of medicine and security systems.

Programmatic IoT

Leading the change in terms of connected devices that will make up the IoT are home electronics like thermostats, security systems, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners and many other industry standard devices will soon be connected.

Though there are no measures to protect data on IoT devices as of now. It will happen soon for a safe data trading among marketers and running ads. But what about the consumer who uses these devices and would be the ones to receive these ads?

This could be a lot to take in as the consumers may think of it as a nuisance. But with IoT, it would be more of a useful tool to find the right things. Through IoT, advertising life could be simpler, like you are receiving a reminder about buying groceries and suddenly you see a notification with options of online grocery shopping with delivery times and rates to compare. Wouldn’t it be helpful?

In a similar way, you have been using a pair of sneakers for a year and the brand sends you a reminder about the amount of time you have been using it and send you some discounts on their best products that you would prefer, wouldn’t that be helpful?

How will it benefit?

These reminders and notifications by brands and advertisers are a way for them to connect and engage with their consumers through IoT based advertising on your devices. IoT advertising will help advertisers target consumers on an individual level, based on the data they receive. It would be useful in the interest of the consumer, as they will receive notifications and reminder based on the things of their interest.

Being connected to the web, these products would be proving to be a data house for brands and marketers, providing necessary information and helping them make things better for their consumers.

In the near-term future, humans are likely to allow the digital brain to enhance our own decision making. In the more distant future, we may even trust the digital brain to take certain actions upon our behalf.

For all this to become a reality, IoT must be in perfect alignment with business outcomes, otherwise, the technology is being implemented just for the sake of being able to do so. IoT investment will undoubtedly propel companies forward in today’s smart, digital world. However, this requires time, funds and organization-wide commitment.

We can now imagine a future in which humans, IoT devices, and AI-powered equipments and objects will exist harmoniously as a kind of collective “digital brain” that anticipates human needs and provides predictions, recommendations, and solutions. However, there will be challenges and opportunities for almost all businesses as a result of increased connectivity, efficiency and automation arising from IoT.

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