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MapmyIndia Releases eLoc - A Nation-wide Digital Address System

Simple, precise and ready-to-use for free eLoc, is a unique, 6 character code for any address across India

●    It makes individual commuter and travelers’ lives much easier through quick and precise navigation to a destination, enhances field delivery/visit capabilities and profitability of businesses across ecommerce, transportation, and logistics-heavy sectors, and brings productivity and transparency to government services, delivery and taxation at a property level

●    20+ years, 200+ Cr rupees private investment by MapmyIndia into advanced mapping technology, extensive field data survey, and private-private and public-private ecosystem building around advanced location solutions to help India leapfrog in digital world.

India's startup that provides premium-quality digital maps, GPS navigation, GPS tracking, location-based apps and GIS solutions, today announced the release of MapmyIndia eLoc, India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address. This powerful innovation, packaged as a simple and easy-to-use digital address, will transform historical addresses and disrupt traditional mapping and navigation services, bringing immense convenience to individuals and significant benefits to businesses and governments across India.

will help Indian travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to destinations’ exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the ecommerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains. Finally, governance at all levels, across urban and rural levels, will be empowered with much more productivity and transparency when it comes to civic amenities delivery such as electricity, water, gas as well as property tax administration and tax evasion detection.

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