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Made, Patented In India! 5 Things To Know About The Soon Launching AmbuPod

Sometimes great innovation comes in small sizes. To Indians who can’t afford emergency ambulances, it will be a blessing in the shape of a pod. The AmbuPod will be launched on the 13th of January, 2017.


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1. Much cheaper and just as effective

Doctor Lavanian says that the AmbuPod he and his team has created is 4 times less expensive to purchase than a regular ambulance. A well-stocked ambulance with all the required essential equipment can begin at rupees 12 lakhs.

2. Low maintenance. “Any village, even a small one, could easily buy one”

The monthly maintenance cost of an AmbuPod is 1/5th that of a regular ambulance. The makers claim it has “zero fuel cost, and will cost as less as a small car! Even a dedicated driver is not required.”

It’s also designed to be zero polluting.

3. It’s utterly and completely Indian

The makers say the AmbuPod is completely conceptualized, designed and manufactured in India.

4. It’s tiny but can withstand all-terrains and any weather

The AmbuPod can be easily modified to work in different environments like jungles, mountains, and even plains. It’s also designed to work in humid, hot, cold, snowy, freezing or rainy conditions.

5. It can have more tech devices fitted in

It has capabilities of integrating additional medical or technology devices as they appear in the market.

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