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MBlood Raises Rs 50 Lakhs to Build a Network of 1 million Blood Donors by Dec 2018

Currently, MBLOOD has a network of more than 27,000 users and lists over 2100 registered blood banks across India.

MBlood is an app-only platform that enables location-based search for the blood donors with an aim to provide timely-access to the required blood units. The app is inspired from the successful ‘on-request’ cab model that leverages GPS and unique algorithm & data analysis tools. It identifies the right blood donor in the vicinity and provides details of the ‘willing’ blood donors to the requestor. MBlood has raised INR 50 lakhs from SPPLJ Charitable Trust, Chennai to expand its services to a network of 1 million users by the end of year 2018.

Currently, MBlood has a network of more than 27,000 users and lists over 2100 registered blood banks across India. More than 1000 blood units have been accepted via MBlood since its launch in January 2018, out of which close to 60% requests were received from Semi-urban and rural areas. 

Timely availability of fresh blood in India is a big challenge and quite a hassle. There is a severe blood shortage as only 9.9 million units are collected against the estimated annual requirement of 10-12 million units. In fact, one out of every 10 people admitted in a hospital needs blood, according to WHO data. Usually, a person goes through various channels to seek the required blood type/units such as calling friends/family or using social media platforms like WhatsApp & Facebook, in addition to contacting blood banks. However, factors like unavailability of a specific blood type or number of units; logistical & infrastructural limitations as well as lack of awareness on the part of both donor and requestor often lead to delay and causes mental trauma.   

Sushil Lalwani, Founder, MBlood, said “Our primary research with blood banks & hospitals revealed two major insights: a) procuring blood is a costly affair with each unit of blood costing approx. Rs 2000 making it difficult for a common man to afford it; b) even stored blood comes with an expiry. Despite the best efforts, when stored blood is not used for long it is discarded leading to a waste of over million units of blood (as per health ministry data).” 

MBlood attempts to address these challenges by providing multiple options on its platform to ensure that a user/requestor gets timely access to the required blood type/units with a click of button, even if the person is being treated in an out-of-home location. The user can specify a timeline within which the blood is required, therefore, highlighting the urgency of request placed.

“We want to create the largest online network of blood donors in India. We plan to add at least 1million users on our network by December 2018 including those from remote locations. Increased availability of live blood donors within vicinity can bridge the current gap between donors and acceptors significantly and also reduce the cost. We have ensured that privacy of registered users’ is intact. Unless a donor is willing, his/her details are not shared with the requestor. Also, once a user donates blood, he/she is not contacted for 3 months. Further, to ensure our services are seamless and safe, we are constantly upgrading our platform with the latest software and security measures,” added Sushil.

In addition to GPS based blood donor search, MBlood provides a unique ‘Community Code’ to the registered Corporates, NGOs & organizations such as the Rotary Club, to notify them when a request is raised within their group. This enhances willingness of a blood donor to help his fellow member and speeds up the overall process. The app also supports free listings of ‘Blood camps’ & notifies users within a radius of 20kms. 

MBlood is currently available on Android platform. The company is expanding its network through strong word-of-mouth & member references and through Facebook.

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