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Luxury Fashion Brand Dolce & Gabbana Innovates Boring Kitchen Utensils

Last year the billionaire fashion maestros released a line of refrigerators for $34,000 each

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Designer duo L-R: Dolce and Gabbana
The D&G kitchen fashion

Innovation and putting a spin on old things is a constant even in the fashion industry.

About what secret magic D&G has weaved over the masses to keep becoming more and more relevant every year Gabbana was quoted in an article: “…re-thinking such a mindset to suit contemporary taste – or "the re-elaboration of our heritage and traditions with the eyes of today."

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana opened their luxury fashion house named “Dolce & Gabbana” in 1985 and starting from their first ever fashion line, the brand has only grown from strength to strength even when there were already established and highly acclaimed fashion houses like Armani and Versace around.

In an interview given to the UK’s Independent, Dolce talks about their first fashion show, "We did it in a small apartment in Milan. We organised it ourselves, me and Stefano, without PR, with nothing. My sister and brother were on the door."

The brand has grown beyond high fashion into a fully-fledged billion dollar lifestyle brand - Clothes, accessories and perfumes for women, men and children and now kitchen appliances.

D&G is collaborating with an Italian appliance maker called, Smeg to launch an array of vibrant juicers, toasters, coffee machines, teapots, blenders and mixers.

There is no price on the announced line of appliances, but it won’t be cheap we can predict with certainty. Last year when D&G collaborated for 100 refrigerators all hand painted and elaborate, the price tag was $34,000.

While the appliance line will be available only in October all the top notch fashion editors expect it to be a hit, just like anything the duo seems to do. It’s one of the few fashion companies where the founding designers still have full control over proceedings. In the Independent’s article, Gabanna was quoted, “"We could never work in a company where we have to justify why one year we want to make long skirts instead of short ones…If I feel like moving a chair and putting it in another room I want to be able to do so without asking anyone."

And how do they feel about their inordinate success?

"When we did our first show, neither of us would ever have imagined that we would arrive at where we are today or wondered, 'How big will we become?'" Gabbana concludes. "We never looked at things from that point of view – we certainly didn't care about them at that point. We hoped to be able to achieve our dream, which was never to make a big profit or a small profit but to create fashion and to be free to do so as we wanted. How do we feel about success? Well, we are very proud," the same article said.

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