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Log9 Materials Inks Pact With SpareIt

The collaboration with SpareIt is aimed at addressing various battery-related issues, such as prolonged downtimes and a lot of dead inventory.

Advanced EV battery technology startup Log9 Materials on Thursday announced the launch of a battery replacement and retro-fitment model in partnership with garage network platform SpareIt.

The collaboration with SpareIt is aimed at addressing various battery-related issues, such as prolonged downtimes and a lot of dead inventory, Log9 Materials said in a statement.

As a part of this long-term partnership, SpareIt will offer its pan-India extensive garage network for vehicle integration with Log9’s InstaCharging battery packs.

This battery replacement and retro-fitment service will be rolled out across various cities/towns wherever SpareIt support is available and will be made available to individual owners and fleet aggregators, said the statement.

Log9 Materials has already introduced its RapidX battery packs based on InstaCharge technology, which are specifically designed for enhancing B2B last-mile logistics.

These batteries get fully charged within 15 minutes for e-2wheelers and 35 minutes for e-3wheelers.

The prime reason why most of the currently available EV batteries today stop working or show poor performance within a short span of usage is that these batteries degrade very fast, as most of them are made from “inferior” Li-ion cell chemistries, which might be lower in upfront cost, but suffer from poor performance and fail in the long run, according to the company.

Therefore, the need arrived for SpareIt and Log9 to partner with each other to provide retrofit batteries, it said.

“We are looking forward to our partnership with SpareIt. The Indian EV revolution is shaping up into a big movement, and SpareIt has come out with a unique value proposition to support EVs that might need retrofit solutions and maintenance to keep them running on the road.

“Our partnership will ensure that EV owners and EV fleet players have the opportunity to benefit from Log9’s reliable battery technology and SpareIt’s support system network,” said Kartik Hajela, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Log9 Materials.

According to the statement, any e-2wheeler and e-3wheelers owner having a vehicle with issues due to the battery can reach out to SpareIt or Log 9’s teams and easily get the battery replaced in their vehicles through SpareIt.

On the other hand, since fleets have a larger EV deployment, the partnership expects larger volumes from fleet aggregators to turn up for retro-fitment, and will together continue to support electrification via retro-fitment of fleets as well through their newly-formed partnership, it said.

Roney Philip, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SpareIt, said, “To ensure faster adoption in the EV industry, it is important for the ecosystem to work collaboratively. Log9’s customers can benefit substantially from this partnership, and this is a testament of how working together and leveraging strengths with each other can be beneficial”.

Log9 said it is also expanding its InstaCharge network to increase the availability of the much needed fast-charging infrastructure across India.


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