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LitmusWorld Wins 'Top 4 Disrupting Tech Startups' At The City Battle Round Of CACSC 2018

LitmusWorld has been announced amongst the ‘Top 4 Disrupting Tech Startups’ at the City Battle Round of CREATE Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) 2018. This is part of the global startup contest organized by Alibaba Cloud, the largest startup event Alibaba Group has hosted till date.

The contest held at the Alibaba Innovation Center (AIC), Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China, got together 10 startups selected from a national round that attracted hundreds of startups to compete for the big stage. The innovative technologies across India and China were shortlisted to showcase their product capability, the product-market fit, business impact and the future roadmap. Nicknamed the Alibaba's Battle of the Gods Global Maker Competition 2018, the leading technology startups presented their disruptive ideas in the customer experience, team collaboration, travel and cloud computing domain.

The competition schedule was packed with startup immersion sessions, presentations and interactions with the local government and media. The jury panel comprising of Alibaba Group senior management and Chinese government officials appreciated the product depth and the globally acclaimed clients LitmusWorld is working with.

As the 2018 City Battle round Champion, LitmusWorld will be hosted at the Alibaba Global Finals in the Hangzhou Future Technology City International Conference Center this month along with 80 other startups. The scale is unprecedented, with more than 10,000 teams submitting applications from 40 countries, showcasing innovation across a wide range of industries and markets. The finals will be attended by senior management of the Alibaba Group, well-known domestic and foreign media and world-renowned venture capital institutions to create an immersion of the world’s most disruptive technology startups.

“We are truly entering an experience economy. Brand strength is defined by the experience you provide. Customer advocacy will be the key driver of loyalty and growth. We are proud to be a catalyst in this change. Through our contextual conversations platform, companies can transform their approach to the market, bring agility at scale to their businesses. Over 125 leading brands are already doing it and we hope to scale this globally over the next 18 months”, Ramesh Natarajan, Co-founder & COO, LitmusWorld.

LitmusWorld is an award winning enterprise SaaS platform, enabling brands to Measure the experience across touchpoints, Act on customer feeds and Improve business processes to thereby improve NPS® scores. This helps business leaders drive the customer centricity agenda through an agile approach. Within a span of 3 years, the platform has initiated 150mn+ conversations on behalf of their clients to end consumers capturing emotions across every touchpoint. The 125+ brands that work with LitmusWorld are committed to drive their customer centricity agenda through a structured approach leveraging an integrated platform. The LitmusWorld M.A.I. framework enables enterprises to Measure, Act and Improve business processes through contextual conversations that deliver actionable insights. This approach helps large enterprises to put the customer at the center of all processes by real-time aggregation of transactional, emotional and social data into standardized measures of engagement and advocacy.

From being awarded the Retail Technology Startup of the year 2018 to being listed amongst the Top 20 CEM Solution providers, 2018 has been an incredible year for the fast growing technology startup with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. For the 100+ employees who work at LitmusWorld, the journey has just begun!

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