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Sarita Digumarti

Sarita Digumarti is the COO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Academy.

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Listen up Techies, Upskill Before You Become Obsolete

By 2020, IoT will be the biggest source of data. With devices and machines contributing to the data surge, the amount of data at hand will be massive, which is quite an understatement.

Tune into any tech news right now and the terms that are sure to pop up are ‘downsizing’, ‘released’, ‘layoffs’. The world is experiencing an IT fatigue, and India is facing the heat, being one of the biggest IT services market.

For long, India has been the poster boy for the IT industry in the emerging world. After all, we boast of having work centres of top worldwide companies set across the nation. The last decade or so has seen a phenomenal rise of the Indian Software Engineer/Developer and it was a coveted job to bag. But the world is moving away from this obsession with IT services. Automation and Machine Learning are paving the way for a turnaround in the way things work.

The last two years has seen a lot of attention on automation. Now lot of publications and experts claim that this will lead to scores of jobs becoming redundant and they also predict massive layoffs. Automation is touted to being a massive change to the IT industry. While this can raise a scare among many professionals, the point to note is that automation is not all that bad. Yes, it will lead to jobs being lost but it will also add new jobs to the portfolio. With advancements in technology, new roles will emerge which were until now non-existent. Automation, by definition, will automate a lot of our tasks. But this are iterative tasks which no longer need human intervention for execution.

Automation will phase out some of the existing jobs, but it will also generate new jobs in line with the advancements and needs of the industry. The biggest chunk of jobs will be in the fields of Analytics, Big Data, and Internet of Things. Here is why each of these will become the most sought after jobs in the next 5 years:

Big Data

The amount of data that is being generated currently is unprecedented. With every organization looking at data to solve their business problems and also to help them drive growth, data is the new currency. The mantra for data seems to be the more the merrier i.e. more the data that companies have access to, more the insights they can derive out of it.

Now managing and computing Big Data is no joke. We are talking about millions of terabytes of data in a single day worldwide. This data needs to be sorted, stored, processed, and analysed. This requires software of course, but also skilled Big Data Analysts who know their way around with huge data sets. The Big Data boom is only going to grow and the future requires Big Data Analysts who can keep up with this growth.

Internet of Things

Driverless cars are in the news every other day. Uber, Tesla, Google, and many other tech giants are actively aiming to have a completely autonomous vehicle on the roads very soon. We hear about smart homes all the time. Our air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, toasters, ovens etc. come Wi-Fi enabled now. This is not just due to a tech fad. We are moving towards a connected world in the truest sense of the word – where it’s not going to be just people who are connected through social media, but our devices as well. Our devices will interface and communicate with each other, and not just that, they will also execute tasks on their own without minimal to no intervention from us.

By 2020, IoT will be the biggest source of data. With devices and machines contributing to the data surge, the amount of data at hand will be massive, which is quite an understatement. Data from these sensors would be extremely valuable to better these systems and make them as efficient as possible. There will be a huge demand for people who can build IoT devices and can analyse this data.


Analytics lies at the centre of all the current tech advancements. With data being such an important currency, it is only obvious that analytics is becoming a much needed and core skill. All important business decisions are analytics driven and data dependent. And the requirements for an analyst is no longer just number crunching and statistics. Recruiters are on the lookout for analysts who can spot and derive the insights from the data as well as help businesses take key decisions based on these insights.

This is the age of the analytics specialist. You will now find job requirements listing the need for a Big Data Analyst, Machine Learning Specialist, Data Visualizer, Business Analyst, Data Science Specialist etc.

The Bottomline

As the tech space evolves, techies need to evolve as well. With newer technologies coming up so very often, if IT professionals in the country are to stay relevant, they need to upskill. The next five years will see further changes in the job market and the technologies that will be adopted and become mainstream. It’s time to hit the books again!

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