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Legal Resolved: Resolving the Legalities in an Unprecedented Way

Legally Resolved is working on expanding the reach amongst the B2B sector, and strengthen their base in all major cities in India.

India, as we know, is a land of limitless opportunities with a pulse entrenched in law and communal order, of the finest kind. Yet, of late, the law and order is going through a turbulent phase as crime and discrepancies have taken a greater hold of the nation. Also, a lacking in terms of legal-tech integration has narrowed down the outlets for people to reach out to. In such cases, a prompt response to the various legal hassles is required, which Legal Resolved is set to supplement. Legal Resolved is a certified aggregator platform for legal service delivery, providing 360 degree solutions to both government and private parties.

How was it started?

The idea of a legal-tech integrated company came from the unison of business interest with a sense of social commitment; a vision to revamp the legal services sector of our Country and accentuate the process of consulting a lawyer or getting a query promptly answered. The execution of the concept saw the integration of technology into the conventional system of seeking appointment and reaching out to lawyers, and Legal Resolved was born as the result of the same.

Unique Key features/Services

  • Their functioning is centred on a variety of legal services segregated separately to cater to individuals/corporates and lawyers.
  • For Individual Clients: Several services including free legal advice to queries posted on our website, arranging pre-booked consultations with eminent lawyers in the client’s vicinity, seeking quotes from lawyers in relation to a potential legal matter; and lawyers can also connect with other lawyers from different towns to litigate or otherwise deal with matters of interest arising in a different jurisdiction, etc. We function through the Legal Resolved website, and two Mobile Applications devised separately for lawyers and clients. We also work offline by giving all-round assistance and follow up of cases through our case managers; provide research services for lawyers; and get contracts/property papers/agreements/other documents reviewed by experienced lawyers, etc. Our excellence in evidenced by our client basis of over 1500 that we have served since inception and our Lawyers platform of over 2000 lawyerswith average experience of about 15 years in a versatile range of practice areas.
  • For Corporates: We offer specialised services to Corporates including drafting of documents like Founders’ Agreement, Term Sheets for seeking investments, etc.; assistance with Registration, ensuring Regulatory compliance, and all other legal formalities in respect of incorporation and post-incorporation.
  • For Lawyers: Lawyers can connect with each other and engage in social meetings with their counterparts in other cities, and seek quotes from them in respect of matters of interest arising in other jurisdictions. Lawyers can also avail research assistance facilities from our team, in respect of their requirements.

How is it Different?

Legal Resolved stands on a unique terrain in respect of several attributes it aces, in comparison to the other service providers in the same domain. Their 360o solution is developed to facilitate communication amongst lawyers themselves in addition to the ones between clients and lawyers; on the platform lawyers could initiate/partake social engagements with each other, while communicate/refer matters as well .

Mobile Application is also premeditated in a way to cater to the requirements of individual clients, corporates and lawyers separately, wherein the app has two modes- Client and a Lawyer. Their services are tailored for a wider spectrum of clients, and functions through multiple channels. In addition to these, they also provide research assistance services to lawyers, and are in the process of setting up social-oriented activities in motion.

Funding Status

Legal resolved is currently in bootstrap stage in terms of funding, as no external investment has been procured so far. However, they may soon open up to investments by potential investors.

Monetization Model 

Legal resolved’s current monetization models are multi-fold, with the primary onus being on revenue from clients seeking consultation with lawyers. Another income-generating activity is where clients can post Priority (Paid) questions which will be answered with clarity and promptness by in-house legal experts. The corporate-client base receives several services like unified Reports of all Branch offices, advice on corporate legal requirements, etc., thereby saving the requirement of appointing separate legal consultants on full-time basis. Their services are made available at a lower and affordable price, while cutting the cost of doing business, adding to the benefits accruing to corporates. They also assist in drafting and vetting legal documents such as business contracts, agreements, etc. by the best lawyers and at affordable prices. Additional perks include 24x7 personal assistance by the case managers; and primary/basic consultation provided free of cost.

Traction Details

They have already served over 1200 clients in terms of advice, consultation, queries, etc. since the time of their inception, having over 2000 lawyers enrolled on the platform, from all over India.

Future Plan

Legally Resolved is working on expanding the reach amongst the B2B sector, and strengthen their base in all major cities in India. They are currently focusing on Corporate and business entities, and strive to meet various requirements in terms of compliance and functioning. They have expansion plans to mark a robust presence in all major cities in India and open off-shore offices, especially covering the ASEAN region. The vision is to strike a balance between the corporate goals and the social commitment, and to function in equilibrium of both.


Their greatest challenge lies in encouraging lawyers to eschew adaptation to the technological interface and shift the focus to unconventional means from the conventional systems, to empower consumers. The relentless efforts and perseverance of the employees ensure that Legally Resolved goes ahead swimming against all tides.


With the rate at which aspiring businessmen set up new ventures with vigor and zeal, and with the number of corporate entities constantly increasing; added to the steep rise in the number of cases that come before various Courts in the Country (estimated at about 13 lakh cases coming before the Court’s consideration every month), it is the need of the hour to innovate the conventional legal services system and replace it with a new, revamped system. It is not only an opportunity, but a moral obligation to intervene and assist both individuals and corporates to deal with legal issues and lighten the burden of cumbersome legal processes.

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