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LUDIFU - A Mobile App to Print Your Phone Photos to Photobook

LUDIFU is the only app in the market which does not allow customization of any kind and helps the user to simply upload pictures and get what they want.

Remember a time you eagerly waited for your camera roll to develop and get hard copies of your photographs? Remember how excited you were when the whole family or your group of friends would sit around looking at the pictures and reliving the memories? If you want to relive these old school moments and enjoy photographs the way they were meant to be enjoyed, LUDIFU is for you!

LUDIFU, founded by Puneet Rawat is a start-up app aiming to bring back the old school idea of printed photographs in a more quick, easy and economical way. All one needs to do is: Download the app and Upload as many pictures as they like straight from their phone book and voila!, you will have your perforated picture album at your doorstep in a matter of days!

Founded in December 2016, LUDIFU is the only app in the market which does not allow customization of any kind and helps the user to simply upload pictures and get what they want.

BW Disrupt interacts with LUDIFU's team and spoke to them

How is it different from the existing ones?

As of today, there are quite a few applications doing something similar. However, no one is willing to risk and not offering customization. We have made a bold move of doing so and its worked quite well so far. We already have repeat customers. And the best part is none of the orders are from friends and family (supportive orders) besides one from my dad. Price is not the only differentiator and at the same time it is. As of today, based on simple MRP pricing without any discounting, we are the most value for money product in the market.

We essentially do 5 major things:

1. Give people a chance to segregate their Phone photo memories into concise photo albums

2. The subject is printed on the spine of the PhotoBook. This allows the individual to separate their photo memories in a more organised fashion

3. A choice to keep the pictures inside the album OR tear off the pictures and frame them inside a photo frame.

4. Assist with cost, a regular 6 x 4 picture in the market costs anywhere between 8 to 15 rupees depending on the location of the photo studio.
However, we are offering the same at Rs. 3,99 (with Binding + Perforation + Free Delivery)

5. Last but not least, we make it simple, quick and easy for every individual to upload their pictures and get their photo album delivered to a place of their choice.

What are your future plans?

1. The focus is on customer service – understanding feedback. Customers are the only reason any business survives and their satisfaction is and will remain our priority. Continuous innovation within the concept of LUDIFU (Let Us Do It For U)

What is the funding status and monetization model?

The initial funding was given by my uncle, Prithvi Haldea. I have been an admirer of internet related businesses for a while. However, none of them have worked out so far. I have had 8 successful failures which have taught me dearly. I would always bounce ideas of my uncle and he wouldn’t ever find any of them catchy enough to say yes and finally, it was a yes for LUDIFU. Within a few minutes of sharing the idea, he immediately gave me Rs. 1500 and said, this is my Angel Funding – start working on this. And Voila !! LUDIFU was born.

What challenges are you facing in running your business?

The primary challenge for any start-up is to be able to reach out to the maximum number of people in the most cost effective ways. As a start-up, every paisa counts. This is common for us as well. We could choose to spend more and gain traction, however, this will eat into our current funds and not allow us to pivot incase we need to at some point. Budget allocation and a respective strategy are most essential for any start-up. One needs to be practical and not emotional while running any company.

What are the traction details?

We have crossed over 600 downloads within 30 days of launching the application. The same can be seen on the Google play store. We plan to stay with this product for more time, while adding more features to the same in the next 3 months. We shall introduce more products with time. The iphone app launches end of February 2017.

How do you look at expansion?

We have our plans set for the next 2 years. We wish to venture into new products with time, giving each product introduced its breathing space. This will allow us to understand what is accepted by the market and where we need to improvise

What is the market size and opportunity?

The online digital age has caught up so quickly that people do not want to make time for offline products - like the old fashioned photo prints. Most of our memories are all digital however, there's a considerable amount of market which still wishes to hold a physical copy of their clicked memories in their hands over browsing them on their phones. From a market perspective, the opportunity is huge however, it's too soon to say that the entire country is the market or a certain age group is a market. We are only a month into the start-up and would require at least 3 months to give solid figures with backing data. We wish to be a one-stop shop for all nostalgic photo album lovers who don’t feel as connected to the digital photo world and enjoy the feeling of a physical copy in their hands (keeping in mind quality and pricing).

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