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Knorish Witnesses 300% Rise In Course Sales, Says The 2021 Global Creator Insights Report

LinkedIn News estimates that creators on its platform increased by 40% as compared to 2019 and premium job listings for creators increased by a staggering 220% over the last year.

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Throughout the pandemic, learning models and businesses centred on learning have become decentralized. There's a significant shift away from traditional jobs. According to recent research, 29% of the US upcoming graduates want to become creators, and only 11% want to go down the typical career path. This isn't just happening in the US, Asia is far ahead of the curve. The pandemic has led to a massive rise in the average daily internet usage during the lockdowns, which also meant an explosion in the number of new content creators globally. Globally, there are currently around 50 million creators of which more than 48 million are amateur content creators and about 2 million identify as Professional content creators. LinkedIn News estimates that creators on its platform increased by 40% as compared to 2019 and premium job listings for creators increased by a staggering 220% over the last year.

Knorish, a flagship platform dedicated to helping coaches, instructors, and organizations to build and launch online academies, today released its 2021 Global Creator Insights Report. The report offered in-depth insights into the growth of content creators and how such creators are monetizing their knowledge and expertise with online courses, coaching, webinars and memberships for learners across the world. Today, the cost of entering this industry is super low. All creators need is a smartphone and internet. In 2022, as the creator economy booms, the next phase of content monetization that will be seen across domains will be the use of the social media platforms, the following, and the content for On-demand and cohort-based online courses, live training, and webinars

Speaking on the growth report, Kinner N Sacchdev, the co-founder and CEO, Knorish, “With affordable smartphones and easy access to data, the thirst for good learning content amongst students, lifelong learners, and corporates is witnessing unprecedented growth. Creators who fill this void want to quickly start sharing content through a robust technology platform that gives them everything that they need to build a successful online business. As the largest enabler of Creator Economy through webinars and courses, it falls upon us at Knorish to deepen our understanding of what these creators need and how we can enable these creators to build rapidly growing online businesses without the need to hire large teams or multiple tools. Sharp creator insights, when powered by enhanced technological capabilities, will open new possibilities for creators in making new meaningful content.” 

Just in 2021 alone, within one year, more than 30,000+ coaches, trainers, experts, artists, hobbyists, celebrities, and influencers have gone online and launched their academies that sell courses, webinars, and memberships on the Knorish platform. The platform today is accessed across 45 countries with courses and content on 590 different subjects and domains with the top 5 domains being Stock trading, tech, arts, culinary and personal growth. Naturally, the platform has witnessed a sharp 300% increase in course sales in 2021. 

Interestingly, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Lucknow were the top 10 cities from where the content was consumed and mobiles were the preferred device to consume the content online. This is a marked change from just a few years when laptops were primary for online learning. Additionally, live online training is the new favourite with more than 6.1 Million minutes of live sessions and webinars being streamed on Knorish by the top 10 academies alone in just the last 6 months. 

The key to success for these creators on Knorish has been the utilization of automated sales funnels that help drive maximum traffic to the creators' websites and makes them buy their content/services with a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers, eBooks, webinars or other assets, all powered within Knorish. The time has never been better to be a content creator and to monetize that content better and faster with online courses, webinars, memberships & subscriptions.

Unlike traditional learning or eCommerce, building an online coaching business is far more cost-effective and has unlimited monetization possibilities. What drives this massive growth for creators is the ease of use of the complete tech stack that one would need to build an online academy plus platform enabled insights on how to grow their business profitably. People can now work, create and monetize their expertise, knowledge, and passion by becoming knowledge entrepreneurs. The future is bright for creators in this new creator economy and the industry will continue to grow exponentially further propelled by the increasing need for upskilling & lifelong learning.

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