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Khaas : A Travel Startup that is Changing lives of Acid Attack Victims

Khaas, founded by Akash Bhardwaj 3.5 years ago, is an integrated group tour and events service provider, Kaafila holidays team make own excellence service, trust and integrity, providing a memorable experience to all its customers.

Acid violence is the deliberate use of acid to attack another human being. The victims of acid violence are overwhelmingly women and children, and attackers often target the head and face in order to maim, disfigure and blind. The act rarely kills but causes severe physical, psychological and social scarring, and victims are often left with no legal recourse, limited access to medical or psychological assistance, and without the means to support themselves. Acid violence is a worldwide phenomenon that is not restricted to a particular race, religion or geographical location. Khaas is an initiative that helps acid victims by recruiting them as its staff.

Khaas, founded by Akash Bhardwaj 3.5 years ago, is an integrated group tour and events service provider, Khaas team makes its own excellence service, trust and integrity, providing a memorable experience to all its customers. Its customer built life time relationship with it. It believes in creating and managing long term sustainable relationship, based on its belief of always more & better for you. The startup's team has talented & dedicated of professionals from the tourism and events management industry ensure high standards of service excellence.

Its mission is to work with you as a part of your esteem institution or university and truly become a strategic partner. It helps you arranging the short school and college trips, Special Interest Educational Programs, Adventure Camps and Activities. The brand organizes a School and College Trip, Adventure Camps and Activities which make sense in the way you want to educate them and which heighten the impact of your messaging, themes, activities. It also helps you find the right venue and destination which makes sense considering your budget, participants and what you are wanting to accomplish.

In an interaction with BWdisrupt in its Delhi based office, Akash talked in detail about his startup

Triggering Point

It was November 2015 when we were celebrating the joyous festival Diwali, I was in market where I saw an acid attack Victim who was selling balloons. I came to know from her she has a small baby & her husband abandoned her. She had been doing job of security guard but she lost that job also. I felt very sad for her. I discussed this with my Brother " Satendar" Hence; I got an idea of hiring such under privileged in my company. So, I try to help them as they have the urge & I feel so happy that I am behind them as a support. That was the triggering point of my entrepreneurial journey.

Value Proposition

Basically, we are dealing in Tours Packages for Domestic & International Destination. We are also dealing in corporate tours, School/Colleges trip, and events for Corporate. Soon I am planning to start a Ticketing services.


Starting a company or organization was more of a challenge; I started visiting major and famous tourists’ destinations. I used to sleep in my car, walked long distance in hill area to explore it. I learned little details about the place, mingle with the locals. I was determined to serve my clients in the best possible manner.


Yes, there are many competitors in market like other travel agency, but online travel portal is major competitors for us.

Business Model

My Business model is same as the other people in market. Pillar of strength is my staff of specially alleged people like blind, acid victims, etc. We recently hired some blind girls and shortlisted some acid victims whose spirit & desire to hard work is no less than a normal person. In an industry like this we believe in hiring people who have pleasing personalities.


Our clients include youngsters, colleges group, families, School Students, Corporate sectors, NGOs, women, senior citizens. Our motto is to provide them the best experience for life time. Most of our clients come back to us because of our comfortable, affordable product and specially for our brave and motivated staff.


Arranging fund is the biggest hurdle in this job, but we are doing our best and trying to reach good investors who will help us for expanding our company so that more people (blind, acid victims) can use this platform for better future. We also are trying to reach organizations, corporate, NGOs etc for support. People have shown excitement & support. Let see what the result will be.

The best and worst memories while setting up …

Best memories- My first Manali trip with 28 Person was in November 2012, all tourists were praying for first snow fall since last so many days, but once my group and I reached Manali at 7 am first snowfall welcomed us, my clients were so happy.

Worst Memories – One of my corporate clients refused to pay around 1 lack rupees after taking all services, but due to my lack of experience I was not able to fight on legal ground and I had to sell many things to make up for the same.

Marketing Plans

We market ourselves through social media, print media, and events in malls, appointments, and most powerful "The Word of Mouth".

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