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The work population in India is close to 478 Million and only 17 % of the market is Organised, rest 83% is still unorganised, untapped, unidentified. So, the opportunity is humongous, if educated properly.

India is a land of endless opportunities, teeming with jobs at every nook and corner. Yet, India lacks greatly in the reach, especially for rural areas and unorganized workforce. It is observed that:

· For the organised workforce there were a lot of platforms available where they could showcase themselves to recruiters across the country as per their skill set and interest, however, the unorganised workforce lacks such a platform. This workforce is still dependent on the traditional ways of getting a job.

· Such manpower runs clueless from pillar to post in search of a job, wasting precious time and exorbitant money.

· Local Placement agency or consultants charge the above mentioned group ridiculous amount of money to find them a job and if they fail, the amount is not even returned.

· In some rural / industrial areas, local goons collect an x amount from the monthly salary every month as commission to help hapless individuals in getting a job. Thereby they fall prey in the hands of these monopolistic contractor or goons and get duped with large sum of money.

· A great number of big corporates are also at the mercy of local contractors, as they have no other source to hire such manpower.

· Corporate engaging multiple contractors or agencies to support their need of manpower which in turns makes them puppet in the hands of contractors, which leads to union formation, lockouts and heavy IR issues.

The need to aid such workforce and corporate where they can come on a common platform, to usher in transparency, while getting rid of middle men or local contractors for a job/manpower has led to the birth of KaamKaaj. It set to sort out the challenges faced by unorganised workforce in getting a job and to help corporate who want such manpower.

Unique key feature/services:


The training option in the application aids people who are seeking out some vocational training, by providing them information about various Skill Development Institute running under government-based Skill Development Program.


This App is GPS enabled, providing the job seeker with all available jobs in the area specified by them. Armed with this, the job seeker can directly walk in or speak to the concerned recruiter on the app before going for an interview. Similarly, corporate players can also identify people as per their geographical parameter and can hire them.

The app is also in the process of Introducing new features aligned with the current market requirements, which will cater to all household requirements. At present, there is no such APP or Website which caters to the full spectrum of Unorganised Sector and this app will facilitate jobs to all, from a house hold requirement of Maids or Drivers to the big Industries / Factories who hire from technical to no technical employees.

Funding status

Currently, the organization is utilizing its own funds, and is looking for prospective investors who can believe in the vision and business. Its model is divided into 2 categories. One is the traditional model and the other is modern model.

Direct Marketing Model: Through Canopies and pamphlets, getting in touch with the local labour unions leaders/comities/ NGO’s/Skill Development Institute/ Employment Exchange, educating them about the application its usage and the benefits

Indirect Model: The organization will be investing shortly into Audio Visual mediums and print media.

The work population in India is close to 478 Million and only 17 % of the market is Organised, rest 83% is still unorganised, untapped, unidentified. So, the opportunity is humongous, if educated properly. The response has been amazing, as Kaamkaaj has got a data base of 12000 people in less than 2 weeks of operations and almost 100 plus small & medium enterprises have shown interest and have the recorded enquiry. Yet challenges remain, as the organization has ventured into a new concept which wasn’t there in the market till yet, so people will take some time in understanding and using the app for their benefit.

Future plans

Initially the organization has started its operations from Delhi and NCR and post completing the data base size of 1 Million milestone, it would expand its bases into major metro cities and by phase 3 it shall go into tier 1 cities.

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