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Siya Seth

The author is CEO, Sum Drishti who worked over 20 years in training, skill development and corporate networking

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Indian Women Turning Entrepreneurs At A Rapid Pace

We just need to show her a mirror reflecting her inner strength, patience, focused and multi-tasking stamina as well as her capability of financial management

Entrepreneurship in women is inbuilt. Our experience has shown that they are emotionally more balanced and better focused than their counterparts. In Indian culture, a girl is called Luxmi or the goddess of wealth reflecting her better sense of financial management. Women are the reservoir of all energy and motivation what they need is just the direction. Government has come out with various schemes that support female entrepreneurs in multiple aspects. They provide resources, financial training among other things. For example, TREAD scheme under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) empowers women by giving them trade-related training, and counselling activities. Similarly, in Mudra Yojana women entrepreneurs can have collateral free loans. With such support in hand female just needs to be aware of opportunities and their strength. 

They need to be given examples of successful women entrepreneurs who actually have risen from humble background and now leading an independent and decent life. Sometimes, even after having everything required, there is an inertia in taking the first step and break the silence. This inertia can be removed by constant and rigorous ground work by civil societies. Collecting data of all successful stories and putting them in front of the other local females who might be trying to overcome the inertia may create some more female entrepreneurs. This chain must continue. Women who have already initiated their ventures, need to hone their skills with technological know-how and knowledge upgradation. Knowledge is dynamic and constant upgradation is highly essential for two reasons- first it would help them in being ahead of everyone else and second upcoming technology is always time saving and supports better management. Therefore, women need to upgrade their skills time to time with the help of various workshops, training and programs. 

At present, there is no need to travel long distances, internet has provided all information at everyone’s doorsteps. One just needs to have curiosity and internet has all the answers. Women entrepreneurs can use this platform effectively for their knowledge and skill enhancement. Further, as most of the tenders, procurements, markets and sales are being done in online and cashless manner, the security challenge has reduced to the minimum for women entrepreneurs. In all, conditions are favourable and a good effort from the side of a women to establish her own enterprises will not go in vain. We just need to show her a mirror reflecting her inner strength, patience, focused and multi-tasking stamina as well as her capability of financial management.

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