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Indian Virtual Reality Game “ZoCo” Rocks Global Bestselling Charts

Ojas VR Studios, the startup, is now the “first ever company to also create a VR game in Hindi”.

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Indian talent is capturing the imagination of the virtual reality world, and that too, in a big way. ZoCo, a VR game, developed by Ojas VR Studios, has jumped on the bandwagon of the virtual reality world. ZoCo is gathering steam worldwide, and has entered into the Top Selling category of Oculus Gear VR Store - perhaps the first Indian game to achieve it. Ojas VR Studios, the startup, founded by Punit Pandey, is now the first ever company to also create a VR game in Hindi. It is also one of a handful of Indian companies that have ventured into the realms of VR game making.

Virtual Reality, popularly known as VR, is a technology that transports the user into a virtual world as soon as he puts on a VR headset. Ojas VR Studios is a virtual reality gaming studio in India striving to create games of international quality and finesse. Before ZoCo, Ojas has already launched another VR game, 'Vyom: The Combat' that was received with considerable enthusiasm from the VR community.

Punit Pandey, the founder of Ojas VR Studios, calls Prime Minister Modi his inspiration behind this game. He says, "Last year I had participated in a Start-Up India event and got a chance to listen to our Prime Minister live. At that time, I conceived this dream to create a product that can compete on a world level. I believe Virtual Reality is a technology that would certainly transform the world in the coming years. There are many big IT companies in India, but none seem keen enough to do anything in this area. We also have hundreds of thousands of game developers in India, but, there are no quality international gaming studios. All of these things compelled me to create ZoCo." Punit surrendered his green card and returned back from the USA to materialize his dream of creating a world-class tech product that can establish India on a global tech map.

'ZoCo: Roller Coaster Zombie Shooting' is a different game in this regard, as it is giving Silicon Valley-based game studios, a run for their money. Created with comparatively quite a small budget, ZoCo is surpassing other heavyweight foreign games in its category. Punit, while answering the reason why he chose VR, says, "Only some top level international companies are working in this tech. I wanted to create something that can create buzz across the globe. It motivated me to create ZoCo."

As soon as the user puts on the VR headset, he will get into a world of zombies. The hero has to defeat these zombies and their king, Necromancer in order to save his girlfriend. While playing this game, the user would feel as if he is actually in the zombie world, and this is not just a game. This adventurous journey would fill the players with extreme thrill, and that too, in their own language. Other than English, the game is also available in several other languages, including Hindi, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean.

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