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Indian Camel Milk Finds Buyers Across the Globe

Indian camel milk powder finding takers from foreigners & NRI; Indian Startup Aadvik Foods travelling across the globe

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Reena Rana, a lawyer based out of Bikaner recalls the problems she had faced a few years ago, looking for a healthy alternative to cow milk. Four years ago, Reena’ 6 years old daughter was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and the pediatrician suggested taking her off cow and buffalo milk. “Considering those four-five years as a formative period for my little one’ development, we had traumatic days while trying to figure out alternate healthy milk option for her,” Reena recollects. It was then, someone suggested Reena to try camel milk for her daughter and bingo she ordered Aadvik Foods’ flavored camel milk powder from an e-commerce website, and as claimed, it did wonders to her daughter’ health and gut.

Like Reena, US-based Kelly is a repeat buyer of Aadvik Foods’ camel milk powder now, as she was allergic to the whole milk available to her and thus switched to Indian camel milk.

Not only India, but Indian Camel milk is finding takers across the globe including countries like US, Japan, Australia. Camel milk holds medicinal properties as well, that is attracting a chunk of millennials who are willing to change their lifestyle habits.

"We make sure we don't remove any of the medicinal properties while converting it into powder" says Shrey Kumar, Co-Founder, Aadvik Foods. Kumar shares, “ US and Japan are two major global markets for Aadvik Foods Camel milk powder”.
India’ dairy giant Amul also recently announced the launch of its camel milk range. For lactose intolerant and diabetic patients, camel milk is becoming the new superfood and getting popular across the globe.

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