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IndiaSupply is the only B2B Startup that Cares for Teeth

The oral health market will only get bigger with this online platform enabling dental brands to connect with dental practitioners

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Founded in 2016 as a B2B online platform for dental supplies, IndiaSupply aims to bring dental brands closer to their customers throughout the year, providing them a platform to showcase their business, provide after-sales support and enable them to sell online thus giving them access to achieve maximal growth by leveraging technology, utilizing and optimizing digital media channels to enable brands to implement an online promotion strategy.

The professional dental supplies and equipment industry of India is in need of an urgent transformation, the launch of a tech-based product such as IndiaSupply, serving as an umbrella platform for multiple international and Indian brands, holds immense promise for dentists and brands alike. While customers benefit from a convenient and comfortable way of shopping for their clinical supplies, brands will be able to enhance their consumer reach levels and enable them to leverage digital channels for sales and marketing. IndiaSupply has the potential to be a truly global product that will revolutionise the dental supplies and equipment industry around the world.

IndiaSupply enables dental brands to connect more powerfully with their target audience and customers. They have designed a platform to bridge the gap between brands and dental practitioners. IndiaSupply also helps brands in increasing their visibility, promoting their products and enabling them to sell online.

The simple, easy-to-use and exhaustive platform enables dentists to explore dental products from various brands, new technologies, and new products across multiple categories. Customers can also post inquiries for equipment, implants, dental units and procure dental materials.

The team behind IndiaSupply is led by Mr. Kamal Rastogi who has spent over 25 years setting up and leading successful companies in the IT and ITES space. His vision is to enable successful transition of industries from conventional to digital and identification of new market opportunities for new entrants.

"Digital media has become an indispensable marketing channel as it is lucrative, provides better conversion opportunities and provides a fair ground to establish your brand," said Kamal Rastogi, managing director at "Looking at the current landscape and the possible future, our platform IndiaSupply utilizes and optimizes digital media channels to enable dental brands to implement an online promotion strategy."

This platform would provide solutions like online presence of brand, details of their distributors and service centres, online catalogue with complete product details (photos, tutorials etc.), and direct interactions with their prospective clients. All these solutions help to build better customer engagement and relations.

Having already received acknowledgement and appreciation from some of the most prominent brands in India, IndiaSupply is emerging as the perfect tool for brands to optimise their online promotions. The platform will be looking to add more features such as request for demo, after-sales support, data-driven consumer insight and relationship marketing in order to enable better brand-customer interactions with efficient and effective online promotions.

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