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India's First Art Project Using IoT: Zero-To-Infinity

Media company, Raasta Studios, is helping in generating the video content for the project; all passionate artist, writers and IoT experts are welcome to join them too.

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Two alumni of Indian School of Business, Jhansi Munukoti, the CEO of KalaPrayas and Kush Mishra, the CEO of Internext Engineering Solution, is partnering to create India's first smart art project: Zero-To-Infinity.                                                          

Media company, Raasta Studios, is helping in generating the video content for the project.

Zero-To-Infinity is a unique connected art project integrating various art forms like - paintings, music, literature and movement, using Internet of Things (IoT). Through this art project, the team is creating a dynamic and interactive storytelling experience than just static paintings. By linking rationality and irrationality, the team is attempting to bring cultural inclusivity using stories from mythology and science, in a way that appeals to the younger generation.

Jhansi has been an artist for about 15 years and has held art shows across the world. She started KalaPrayas to create experimental art. KalaPrayas' first project has been a huge success at London School of Fine Arts. 'Zero-To-Infinity' is the second project of KalaPrayas and she is very excited about it. KalaPrayas is a multi disciplinary art platform, aimed at democratizing arts. Though started as a network to create opportunities for rural indian artists, KalaPrayas soon emerged into a platform for experimental arts.

In her words, "Art brings with itself a translatable blessing - Creativity. Subconsciously I benefited from it all along my technology career. This very reason made me reverse-engineer the inspiration - to bring technology into arts. This is our biggest strength."

Jhansi has already secured a scholarship from Citi Bank to pilot her idea. Her team also includes Preeti Gaikwad (an art curator from UK) and Deepthi Tadala (a poet from USA).

Kush, an alumnus from IIT Roorkee, started Internext to bring the power of IoT to industries. Right now Internext operates in mining, agritech and industrial R&D verticals with reputed clientele. Kush plans to introduce cutting-edge technology across verticals with the help of in-house research and creating the right partner ecosystem.

"India for long has been a global tech provider. Our mission is to make it an innovation-driven ecosystem," says Kush on the Indian innovation ecosystem. "Our next big project is setting up IoT enabled vertical farms in Jaipur." The team is inviting like-minded freelancing enthusiasts to join them on the execution part of the project. Specifically, they are looking for artists, embedded developers, IoT specialists and writers.

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